The First Post: An Introduction

Dear Reader,
Hello. Welcome to the blog. In this introduction, I plan to explain to you what I will write about in this blog, and also provide more of a background as to why I am writing this blog. I do not plan to start off every blog like this, but I feel that a letter format for the introduction to this blog is fitting. So let’s begin, shall we?

The main goal of this blog is to provide a record of my true “final summer” of high school. I plan to use this blog in combination with other things to express my creativity throughout the summer. I also plan to use it as a log of the things I did during my summer vacation of 2010. So yes, you could say this blog is doomed to end at the end of the summer, but all good things come to an end, right? And regardless, I have several other blogs that I write in all over the internet, so you’ll have more to read if you like what you see. 🙂

Expect to see lots of writing in various forms. You can also await pictures and videos and other assorted goodies. Perhaps a Vlog or two, but I wouldn’t hold my breath in anticipation (haha).

Basically, this blog will give you a fairly unrestricted view into three months of my life. I’m not sure how I feel about that at this moment, but I think it will turn out quite well. It should be interesting to read as I update it and later in the future to remember this summer. I’m excited. I wish it were summer now…

The idea for this blog came from a conversation via text messaging that I had with one of my best friends, Kristin. Here’s what was said:

Me: Hey! So I’m hoping that you’re not going to be ridiculously busy this Summer. Lol I really want to make a new skippy and jar vid

Kristin: Haha. Well yes the old one is getting really old. And hopefully I won’t be. But I’m trying to get a job and all that wonderful shit. Lol.

Me: I know how that goes… I just don’t want to work through my last summer here. I want to do a ton of fun stuff. 🙂

K: I know. Only got a few more summers ’til we’re all off at college.

Me: Err more like one for Jon, Kendra, and me. That’s so crazy to think about… Gah.

K: Lol…. I have a feeling you’re gonna love college connor.

Me: I think I will too haha but it just seems like everything is going too fast.

K: Haha. Ya I know what u mean. It kinda seems like just yesterday we were all chilling as canyon creek kids.

Me: Exactly! Haha it seems like yesterday we were all bitching about how shitty Canyon Creek is and how we can’t wait to leave and here we are so close to being out on our own…. It’s crazy.

K: I know. But it’s kinda exciting at the same time…ya know?

Me: Yes, I know exactly what you mean. It’s an exciting thrill-land of possibility and a scary world of unknown all in one messed up circus tent.


…and that’s basically the bulk of the conversation that got me thinking about how I wanted to spend my summer. What I wanted to do before it was “too late”… When I put it that way, it seems like I’m dying of some horrible illness and this is my last summer with my friends before I die, but it’s not. We’ll still see each other and life will go on. But I still want to make the most of this summer.

So that’s it. That’s what this blog is going to be about. Is that interesting enough for ya, or would you like to see something else? Leave me a comment with your thoughts and opinions. Criticism is also appreciated as it helps to perfect my writing.

See you again soon!

5 thoughts on “The First Post: An Introduction

  1. Hey –

    So after reading your commment on my blog I was curious about yours, and so here I am. It’s crazy to know that someone else so similiar to me had the same “final summer” idea! I’m interested on seeing where yours goes from here. I’ll deff. be returning to see how your summer’s going.

    Best wishes ( :


    1. Hey Kayla,
      Thanks for checking out my blog! It’s not quite as sophisticated looking as your blog is currently, but perhaps one day it will be (one can hope, right? haha). I’ll also be checking out your final summer photography blog as the Summer progresses. Good luck with your project and have a great summer!

  2. Dude, you make me laugh. I remember that conversation….and really we need to make a new skippy and jar vid. the other one is getting stale and not quite as funny.

    1. Then you better charge up your camera batteries, camera-girl. I have a year old script waiting to be recorded… 😛

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