A Pre-Summer Update for the Anxious

I’ve been thinking about random things I would like to post on this blog quite a bit lately. I believe my eager desire for summer to come influences this increased interest, and that means I will probably post a few more updates in here before the summer officially begins. If you’ve been eagerly waiting for this blog to develop, then this is good news. If you really don’t care and you just happened to stumble upon this page… well, at least there’s another post beyond the introduction. 🙂

Now to the actual “update” part of the blog: I finally purchased some frames for the numerous posters I’ve had laying around my room for several weeks. I originally purchased some posters with black and white pictures of New York City to add some content to the empty, white-colored walls of my bedroom. After they arrived I was excited to put them up in my room without a frame, scotch-taped to the walls. My mom, however, was not thrilled with this plan and “encouraged” me to purchase frames for my posters. I grudgingly purchased frames for most of the posters this weekend, and now three of the four NYC posters are happily residing within their frames, anxious to find a place on the wall. I still need to buy frames for five or six more posters before my entire collection can be displayed within my room, but having these three framed gives me a sense of accomplishment. It also gives me hope that eventually they will all be up on the walls in my room, thus eliminating the “blank-wall” syndrome.

I bought the frames at Wal*Mart on Mother’s Day. They were fairly inexpensive (Under $10 for the smaller frame and around $15 each for the two larger frames) and look pretty nice. The glass/plastic is clear and the frame looks aestically pleasing for a cheap price. Although the frame is actually plastic, it would be difficult to tell if you seen it on the wall. It’s also pretty sturdy, so no worries about flimsy frame issues.

Framing My NYC Posters

A Close Up Of NYC Poster Frame

(Disclaimer: I did not take, nor do I claim to have taken, any of the pictures within the frames.)

Not bad for $35, huh? 😛 I can’t wait to hang them up on my ridiculously empty walls.

Moving along to a completely unrelated topic, I’m preparing for the SAT & the ACT coming up in June. I purchased a couple of test prep books from Amazon.com on Friday and they just came in today. They’re a lot bigger then I expected, but I can’t wait to get studying so I can ace the tests. The SAT is on June 5th and the ACT is on June 12th, so I only have about a month to prepare. These books are pretty big (except for the much smaller “Crash Course on the ACT” book on top of the stack), as you can see, and will take some time to get through. I started reading the SAT book tonight and hope to finish it next week so I can have roughly the same amount of time to prepare for the ACT. Hopefully all of this preparation will lead to some good scores…

Well, that’s all for tonight. I need to get some sleep so I can hope to stay awake through History class tomorrow. 😛 Look for another update soon!


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