I’m Ready for Summer to Begin… NOW

Dear Summer,

What is the freakin’  holdup? If I have to sit through one more movie in my U.S. History class while my teacher talks on the phone, I’m going to lose it. Please send me a time machine to skip the next two weeks or just begin now. That would be great. Thanks.
– Will

Two more weeks of school left until Summer begins and the currently large waste of time, school, ends. Basically, there are two more weeks of school until freedom. 🙂 Thank God.

What’s keeping me sane during this seemingly endless wait for Summer? Little things. Thinking about what’s coming. Going outside and enjoying the fresh air. Dreaming.

Unfortunately, I can only show you the “going outside and enjoying the fresh air” part through photography. It was nice to get out and enjoy the warm weather, blue skies and green grass. My cats were also thrilled to get outside and lay in the hot sun. I tried to read The Grapes of Wrath, the book we’re reading in my English class, but after a few pages I capitulated to the desire to take pictures instead. I also brought out my SAT prep book in the hopes of doing some studying, but alas this never occurred. Perhaps I’ll absorb its knowledge through osmosis… That would make carrying it everywhere worthwhile.

‘Twas sunny.

I love random shovels.


Hurrah for Color.

So much for studying…

(Random Note: I wouldn’t consider those pictures to be “world-class” photography or even somewhat good photography, but they add a nice visual to the blog, right?)

So that was my day… yesterday. It wasn’t really interesting, but it was nice nonetheless. On a more positive note, I have Friday off from work (a very rare occurrence) and I’m hoping to go stargazing again with Jon, Anne, and possibly Kristin. If the skies are clear and it’s not too cold, it should happen. I’ll post some pics and possibly a podcast/recording of our random conversations during this event if it actually occurs. The last time we recorded this was about three years ago when we were all Freshman… It’s hilarious to listen to now and we’re hoping to record some more good times like that. (Maybe I’ll post the first stargazing recording on here…. Hmm…)

Well that’s all for now folks. Look for weekly posts on Wednesdays until the Summer officially begins on June 5th*. Until next time…


* I have my SAT test on June 5th… FML.

One thought on “I’m Ready for Summer to Begin… NOW

  1. this is a really late text but i went through and read all of your post again.lol and it got me thinking that we all really should do another star gazing nite i think it would be fun.it gives us all a chance to get together and hangout..i know im not the funnest person to hang out but i like being in your guyses group you guys are great and im glad i get the chance to be a part of that.it really does mean alot..

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