“Sunshine go away today…”

It’s about 4:30 in the afternoon, and it’s been pouring rain since last night. The sky is gray and depressing, the weather is cold and wet, and the road is covered in puddles with little shiny patches of motor oil from leaky cars. Within the cozy walls of my house I can hear the rain pattering down from the sky at a fast and steady pace. The drops collide with the metal rain gutter and produce a deeper bass clunk that adds to the ensemble of nature’s percussion. To keep things interesting, an occasional gust whistles by, causing pedestrians to shield their faces with their hands or, if they’re lucky enough to have one, an umbrella. The cold urges everyone to move quickly to dry places, and the floors of stores become wet with black puddles from the shoppers’ shoes. Florescent yellow signs proclaiming, “CAUTION! WET FLOOR,” are placed by the entrances for two reasons: for the safety of the store’s valued customers, and for liability reasons in case someone happens to slip on the flooded floor and break a hip. Life goes on in the rain as it did the day before, filled with people worried more about covering their asses then the well-being of others. Bureaucracy is beautiful that way, isn’t it?

The rain has put me in a sarcastic mood against people. I never have really loved or even remotely liked people as a whole, and working in retail has reinforced this disgust. Spend a week in the shoes of an associate at a store that sells clothes and you’ll understand. The first completely destroyed fitting room you find will seem like a ridiculous and unusual event, and that whoever made the mess will eventually get what they deserve through bad karma. Then, you stumble upon more rooms filled with mountains of clothes, some in varying sizes, strewn on the floor but still attached to a hanger. In time, you might find a room where the pile of clothes and God knows what else isn’t on the floor, but in a shopping cart. Hopefully you won’t have a experience similar to mine where during a fitting room check you find a used feminine pad laying on the floor.

That was an extremely horrifying and disgusting experience. It even topped the smeared shit on the wall on my list of “worst fitting room discoveries”. Long story short, I did not have to clean up either fitting room. Fortunately that is not apart of my job description. No, the security crew somehow got the short straw and had to clean up those messes. I hope they’re getting paid enough to justify working at a job that occasionally involves cleaning human feces off the wall…

As I mentioned earlier, it’s raining. Simply to keep with the theme of my last few posts, I took a few pictures of the rain on my patio. Enjoy.

And now the time has come to end this rant against the horrors of people. I just heard the TV set in my parent’s room issuing a news report about the oil leak disaster in the gulf. If you ever want a reminder of how excessive greed and ass-covering are terrible things, simply turn on your television set to a news station. Hopefully God will help to repair this ignorant crime against nature and bring the Gulf back to its former pristine, life-filled state.




-An excerpt from George Orwell’s famous novel, 1984*


* I’m beginning to read 1984 by George Orwell and that particular passage, the “slogan of the Party”, immediately caught my attention. It’s such a well written motto for a society under constant fear of its government. I think I’m really going to like this novel… (I also would like to note that I’m reading it independently, and not for a school assignment.)

One thought on ““Sunshine go away today…”

  1. I have numerous things to comment on..and probably in no thought out order in particular..but I will include numbers just for kicks:

    1. 1984 is one of my favorite books. From what I know about you (which is very little obviously) from your posts thus far you’re going to love it.

    2. It’s been crazy hot here (here as in Michigan) for 3 days now. I’m hating it with each passing second in my boiling hot room. I’m actually somewhat jealous of your rain. I’d be happy to trade.

    3. I work as a lifeguard at a fitness center and up to this point (fingers crossed and knock on wood) I have yet to be around when poo is discovered in the pool. I have dealt with a nose-bleed however..so my certification is paying off.

    4. I hate ending lists with just three…three things seems more of a bullet list..not a number one..but I enjoy bulleted ones way more.

    5. I hope things have gotten better in the dressing rooms since then and it’s not raining anymore.

    6. The oil spill. I don’t even want to go there ) :

    7. Seven? Really Kayla? Enough is enough!


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