This post is really just “filler”.

Honestly. This post is really just an additional post to round out the “May” calendar on the sidebar of this blog to make it look like I’ve been productive over the last month and a half.

…OK, really this post is not just filler. I lied. Forgive me later. Just continue reading and it will all make sense in the end. Trust me– I know I just lied to you earlier but get over it. Jeez– that was a few sentences ago anyway. Haven’t you heard the cliché phrase, “Forgive and forget,” ever?

Here’s the current situation: FOUR MORE DAYS UNTIL SUMMER OFFICIALLY BEGINS. That’s right– four more days until I can officially roll out the welcome mat for this circus tent of blogging chaos. Four more days until I am free of sitting through Klaboe’s hellish U.S. History class (It should really be called “Movies of U.S. History and The twenty minutes of pre-movie CNN while your instructor screws around downstairs instead of actually attempting to educate you class”).

Four more days until the seasonal epic boredom cycle begins. Four more days until my sleeping habits shift from “normal” to “irregular”.  Four more days until summer heaven and summer hell begin.

Summer, like any season, brings it’s good and bad qualities. Some things are both good and bad– for example, hot temperatures. Everybody likes nice warm days with clear blue skies, but we also hate it when it’s too hot. Summer is great because it’s a break from school, but it’s also bad because a 7-8 hour time slot that was previously occupied five days a week is now “free time” and must be filled with other activities to avoid total boredom and maintain sanity. Some people attempt to fill this in with work. Others don’t have this option and are forced to fill the time slot with other activities. Regardless, life goes on and time never stops. Summer dwindles and the workers wish for more money and less work so they can actually relax, and the incredibly bored unemployed wish for work or just something to do. Summer winds down, fears of school coming set in. The rubber band man spreads across television like the plague. His appearance seems to say, “Houston, you have a call holding. It’s your senior year calling, sir. It says that you only have one more year until real life begins. Apparently all of this phony school shit has all been some sad excuse for prepping the ship for liftoff. Should I take a message?”

I’m excited and afraid. I’m ready and hesitant. I’m filled with joy and sadness.

I’m also pretty tired because it’s 11:30 P.M. and it’s Finals week. Perhaps it’s a good idea to get some sleep, no?

Just a few quick notes about the blog: 1. I’m planning on adding another couple of pages to the blog. Perhaps a “tech” page to let the nerd in me out and also a random page for things that don’t fit the main theme of the blog. I’ll be thinking of some ideas this week… 2. There’s a Twitter feed in the sidebar (OMG!) of this blog! I occasionally post stuff there when I can’t post things here (like when I’m in school or away from my PC). Look for updates there if you stop by the blog and don’t see anything new (which should not happen in four more days because I’m planning on updating this blog at least once a day). 3. Videos/Vlogs: Should I do those too? Perhaps not daily, but maybe as a Friday special? Or maybe whenever I feel like it? Lemme know what you think in the comments section.

Thanks for reading. I’ll try to stay sane for four more days. 😛


P.S. Congrats to all the Seniors out there who graduated from high school recently. I wish I was in  your shoes! 😀 Good luck with your future endeavors.

2 thoughts on “This post is really just “filler”.

  1. You’re seriously going to get tired of me over this summer, but I love that you’re going to be going through something similar to what I’m there’s a bond here.

    I think you should do videos. I attempted them a few months back and really enjoyed doing them but didn’t have the time to really get into them, but I think it’ll really add another level to your project.

    1. I’m not going to get tired of you– I’m just glad someone is actually reading this! 😀 Yes, that’s exactly what I was thinking when I thought about putting videos on here. I figured it would add more depth to the blog that text simply could not achieve. It will also be interesting to have video on here when I go on my summer roadtrip in August.

      Another thing I’m considering is podcasts or simple audio recordings. During my Freshman year on the night of my birthday me and a few of my best friends stayed up late and stargazed for a while in my backyard. I had just gotten a camera for my birthday and it had a voice recording feature on it. I recorded most of the stargazing part of night (it was a 20 minute recording) and then transferred it and all of the videos we’d made that day to a VHS tape. I just listened/watched that tape a while ago and nearly died laughing. So I’m thinking that recording more of our conversations would be another addition I should consider. I’ve been all over today looking at USB mics so I can podcast from my netbook. I don’t know if I actually will do that or not yet, but we’ll see. 😛 It’d be a cool addition, but videos & podcasting in addition to daily blog updates might be too much, so I’ll just try to stick to the daily blog updates AND THEN consider other features after I’ve reached blogging-nirvana. (haha)

      Thanks again for your comments, Kayla. 🙂
      – Will
      P.S. I’m loving 1984.

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