Three More Days, Folks. Time to get excited.

Only three more days. Three more. Then this site is officially going “live” and the Summer blogging experience begins. Pages will be added, content will be uploaded, and this blog/website-thingy will metamorphose into something unique and awesome. It’s not lookin’ too shabby right now, but it’ll get even better. 🙂

To give you a glimpse into what I will be doing on the “Official Launch Day”, here’s my planned schedule:
1. Wake up early to get ready for SAT.
2. Make sure I have everything for SAT.
3. Drive to a high school that looks like a penitentiary to take the SAT.
(7:30 AM-around 1:00 PM I think…)
4. Go to work at 2:15 PM-7:15 PM.
5. RELAX… and post something here.

It’s going to be a busy first Saturday of Summer, but it’s still Summer. 😀 I’m so excited. Even for the SAT. Then I get to take the ACT next Saturday! Huzzah! More testing! More fake enthusiasm for testing! FML!

Oh well. I guess I have to take those tests to get into college, so I should probably be studying instead of writing this post. 😛 I’ll probably make another post tomorrow that’s actually somewhat interesting to read.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!