Day One:

It’s official: today, June 5th, 2010 is the first day of my last summer in high school. I’m a Senior now.

(That seems really weird to write. Like an impending sense of doom just came upon me after typing that sentence. Odd.)

So, naturally, I did what any Senior would do on their first day. I took the SAT. I sat in a chair for about four hours and bubbled in answers. I signed waivers saying I would not discuss test questions. I arrived at the test center fifteen minutes before the suggested time of 7:45 A.M. (The suggested time is 15 minutes before the test starts, which is 8:00 A.M., something they failed to note on the stupid ticket thing they make  you bring to the test center.) I arrived with a feeling of complete preparation; I bought ten No. 2 pencils and 6 AAA batteries (spare batteries for my calculator) moments before at a nearby Wal*Mart. I had a decent night’s sleep supplemented with a light dose of caffeine. I brought a snack and water. I had my Driver’s License and admission ticket out in anticipation. We were led to our classroom, then told to form a line, then checked in to the test center and told where to sit. Moments after sitting down I realized I was missing something.

My calculator was in the car. “Oh shit. I hope the lady will let me grab it really quickly,” I thought, nervous about asking to go and grab a seemingly essential lifeline. Fortunately I was allowed to get my calculator, which I had stowed away in the dashboard when I went to Wal*Mart earlier that morning so as to avoid it being stolen. I ran back to the room and sat down, a little less confident than I had been earlier, but relieved at the same time to have my calculator.

We tested. And tested. And tested some more. Finally the test ended at around 1:00 P.M. (It seemed a lot easier than I expected it to be, but we’ll see how my scores turn out.) I was so glad to be done. After two days of finals, four hours of testing is torture. And I get to repeat it again next week at the ACT! Great…

Work was just that– work. The highlight of my shift involved assembling a baby stroller. Other then that, it was another typical day of watching the clock and praying for the time to pass quickly. I really wanted to take a nap during the first half of my shift, but this desire was suppressed by a heavy dose of caffeine via a Monster M-80 during my break (so tasty… so unhealthy). I finished the second half with a bit more energy and motivation, but I still wanted to get the hell out of there. Finally, seven o’clock rolled around and I made the closing announcement ending with the cheesy advertisement slogan, “Thanks for coming to Sears: Life, well spent.” (It sounded hella legit, by the way. haha :P)

I got out of the store fifteen minutes later, sped home, and then changed into some running clothes. I went for a nice 2.1 mile run and then put some Levi’s on, grabbed my guitar and amp, dragged them both out to the front steps and played outside until 9 P.M. Then I decided to go back inside and watch some T.V. And here I am now, blogging about my boring day.

So that was the first day of the last summer. It kind of sucked, really. It’s like there was a huge buildup to a buzz kill of a day. I really just want to sleep now… The only thing I guess to be optimistic about is knowing that I won’t have to get up at 6 A.M. on Monday. Well that, and then posting stuff here. 🙂

Here’s some info on the promised updates: they’re coming. Today was a busy day and yesterday (Friday) was also a full day. I didn’t have much time to add the new “Tech” page or anything else, but stay optimistic– they’re coming. Also, videos and/or possibly podcasts should be coming soon. I’ve been researching good podcasting mics online and I found some good potential candidates. All I need to do is save up some cash and then begin recording. Until then, I might just randomly post videos on here whenever I can. We shall see…

Quick reminder: Updates are now going to be posted daily. Check back everyday for new content (who knows– on days I’m not at work I might do two posts a day! :P). And as always, leave comments & feedback! I love to read your suggestions. Really. It makes me feel like this is somewhat worthwhile. 😀