Day Two: Reality

It’s day two of the summer-long blogging session, and reality is beginning to rear its ugly head at OP13 studios. Moments ago, I remembered that I had a blog that I promised to update daily. I looked at the time and noticed that I only had an hour to make a post or I would break that promise. Luckily I am here now, writing this post, happy to not have broken that promise.


Dramatic/stupid introductions aside, this is a bit tougher than first expected. If looking at microphones for podcasting had not reminded me that I needed to write a post, I might have failed in this epic quest. That’s ridiculous… already having issues on day two. Blerg.

Here’s a quick recap of the day: I went to work. That’s it, basically. Aside from today’s random family coffee & breakfast run in the morning, I’ve been either working or passing the time at home. It’s already beginning to look like an eventful summer, isn’t it?

Work, as usual, sucked. Essentially I was the only associate working on my half of the store for most of the day. I did the best that I could, considering the lack of usually available assistance, and it still didn’t really meet the minimum requirements for what should have been completed during the entire day. The sales floor wasn’t completely restocked, although I did manage to make a quick run in the back stockroom to restock two departments, and R.A.D. (Ready All Day: Sears-lingo for keeping the store neat and organized. It involves making sure the clothes on the tables are all sized and folded neatly and the racks are sized from Small to Extra Large [no love for the big people :P].) was mediocre at best. I did my best though, so if receive any criticism about my performance, I will kindly show my acknowledgment and appreciation of said criticism with an erect middle finger in the unfortunate critic’s face. 🙂 I’m in a jubilant mood right now, huh?

Tomorrow is going to be better. I’m off from work and the only minor annoyance is that the lawn needs to be mowed. If all chores are taken care of early, I might take a quick trip into town and buy a mic to podcast with. Who knows… I might fall victim to the longing desire to be an “average teenager” and sleep in until noon. Time will tell.

Please accept my most sincere apologies for not having uploaded any good creative content beyond my writing yet– as you can probably tell, my schedule has been fairly full during the past few days– but rest assured that I will be uploading artistic goodies soon. (A stop by the local arts & crafts store should help to get my creative juices flowing, so that will also be on my list of things to do tomorrow…) Stay patient and know that the good stuff is coming. 🙂 I know, waiting sucks.

Thanks for reading and remember to check back daily for new posts! And leave comments too! 😀


[Random note: I don’t think I’m going to title every post “Day ___:”. It seemed fitting for the first day, and I didn’t have the motivation to think up a more creative title for today’s post (perhaps it should have been called “Too lazy to think of a real title, so here goes:”?). ]