Lazy Monday

Although summer technically began last Saturday, it didn’t truly feel like summer until today. There’s nothing like sleeping in on a Monday to remind you that summer is here. Coupled with that is an immense feeling of boredom, that there is absolutely nothing to do beside household chores, and after those are finished only the TV, video games, the Internet, and reading remain. Otherwise, you’re alone, looking for something to do, and any parent-suggested activities seem pointless or ridiculously stupid. If you aren’t alone, then you’re sharing your misery with the company of a friend, looking for a fun way to waste the day…

It seems like the real summer is a bad case of depression instead of the fun “no moment wasted” imagined summer I dreamed of weeks ago. Aside from contact with my family, the only other person I talked with today was Kristin. I feel trapped in the neighborhood even though I have a perfectly working vehicle at my disposal. I need to get motivated and make a plan of action so the rest of the summer doesn’t pass by as an endless feeling of total boredom.

What does this plan require? Well, being as I’m trying to save some money this summer for numerous items, the plan requires multiple activities that are either free or fairly inexpensive. It also requires numerous back up plans so I won’t be stuck at home, bored, on a perfectly sunny day. It mainly requires a lot of creativity and open-minded thinking. Ingenuity, imagination, and innovation…

I feel restless. The main activities of my day included surfing the web for podcasting mics, mowing the lawn, and going to my old elementary school’s basketball court to shoot some hoops with Kristin. I want to do more this summer. I want more money so I can quit drooling at podcasting equipment and just by the stuff already. I want to write about more than just how crummy my day was so this post isn’t so boring to read.

I hope you had a fun day, or at least a busy one so you weren’t also trapped in a hellish state of boredom. Thanks again for reading my blog and make sure to leave your comments and suggestions!