Summer Boredom Still Around, our sources say

Today has been better than yesterday when it comes to being bored, but not much better. I went into town today for an hour, bought a mic and a sketching kit, and then came home. I killed some time with Kristin until she had to go home in the late afternoon, and here I am now, attempting to kill more time with this blog post.

On the bright side, I did manage to get a microphone which has temporarily sated my urge to podcast on this blog. It can only capture my voice, and even then I have to shout in it. I’m planning on buying another microphone in a few weeks that will allow me to record my conversations with my friends. We’ll see how well it works in comparison to the cheapo I bought. Considering it costs six times as much, I’m hoping it will be much better.

Unfortunately, I’m currently unable to host my podcasts/recordings directly on my blog. WordPress requires its users to purchase a storage upgrade before they can post .mp3, .wav, or any other type of audio recording. I’m planning on buying the upgrade after I get the new microphone, so that way only the high-quality recordings are posted to this site.

I did make an odd test podcast today with some random beatboxing in the background that you can check out at Podbean. Here’s the link:  Test Podcast. (I’m only hosting the podcasts at Podbean because it’s a free podcasting service. I don’t plan to upload any other content aside from the pre-storage upgrade podcasts onto that website.)

I think I’m going to go do some sketching now, or maybe play some Xbox… Who knows. I have work tomorrow from Noon to 8 PM. Blerg.