Eight Hour Shifts Suck. Late Nights Out Rock.

‘Nuff said. I’m going out tonight, so I won’t be able to leave a legit post until later. And by “later” I mean after midnight. 😛 It’s technically cheating, but I posted this during the day of June 9th, so technically it’s fair game too.

Ah loopholes…. so useful in some cases.



It’s been an interesting night. Much better then the work-filled day. Here’s what happened:

After finally clocking out from work at 8:20 P.M., I called up Jon to see if he wanted to hang out tonight. He said that he did, and we planned to meet Ashlynn and Alexis at Off the Leaf at around 9:30 P.M. I drove home and watched a cop pull over a 2009 or 2010 Corvette that was going at least 60 mph down Grand Ave. in a 35 mph zone. It was great. Probably the most hilarious thing I had seen all day.

I went home, changed out of my work attire and waited for Jon to pick me up. We then went to Off the Leaf, a local cafe, and waited for Ashlynn and Alexis to show up. After they arrived, we ordered our drinks (Jon and I also ordered monster M&M  cookies because we hadn’t eaten for awhile), engaged in some awkward conversation and then played a rather pathetic game of Scrabble with words that would make my former Honors English teacher cringe. They left after an hour, leaving Jon and me to find something to do with the remaining hour we both had before our curfew was up. We went to Wal*Mart simply because it was the only place open at 11 PM and killed some time. We then went back to my house and talked about life for a half hour until I had to leave.

I came inside and decided to sketch a picture. During our conversation about life, we talked about how we were planning on spending this “final summer” and how we should go camping. Because of this, I decided to sketch a picture of a tent out in the woods. It’s not a great sketch, but I don’t claim to be much of an artist either. I’m used to drawing more cartoon-like pictures then landscape pictures, so this presented a fun and interesting challenge. It took less then an hour to make, and I don’t think it looks too shabby considering I know very little about sketching.

Sketchin’ it up at midnight!

So I’m pretty excited to go on a kickass camping trip now. Also, I saw a super-cheap laptop at Wal*Mart, so the debate between buying a podcasting microphone and buying a laptop (something I could probably use for college) with my next paycheck begins. I really want to get the laptop, but I’m conflicted between spending a lot of money on a nice laptop or just buying a basic laptop that “works”. Who knows… Either option is better then my current computer– an Asus Eee 701. Sure, it is a “cute” little netbook, but the screen is tiny and the processor is slow. It works, but I want something with more power and a newer operating system (Windows XP is becoming outdated, it seems). I can get this with the cheap laptop from Wally-world, and it also comes with a CD/DVD drive– something my netbook doesn’t have. We shall see what happens though…

I’m tired, and I want to get up somewhat early tomorrow (on my day off!) so Jon, Kristin, Anne, and I can meet up at my house at around 10 in the morning to play some Halo and hang out all day. Jon’s been off from work for a while, Kristin doesn’t work, and Anne doesn’t work either– I don’t know about her money situation, and I’ve spent most of my paycheck and put part of it away in savings, so we’re all pretty much broke. That’s why we’re all hanging out at my place– free entertainment. 😛 Maybe we’ll work on a Skippy and Jar video too… Perhaps a podcast if I manage to find a way to record us all?

Well, it’s time to go to bed now… at 1:53 A.M. Good night.