Search. Drive. Play.

The title of this post basically sums up my day in three words. It began with an early wake-up call at 5 A.M. My dad was getting some new tires for his truck and he needed someone give him a ride back home after he dropped his truck off at the tire store. I was the unlucky “volunteer” for this errand, and I wasn’t exactly a happy helper running on a mere five hours of sleep. Luckily it was a short drive, so I was able to get back into bed quickly.

After wasting a few hours sleeping and watching TV, I decided that I needed to do something or else the entire day would be wasted. I quickly finished my chores and texted Jon and Kristin to see if they wanted to do anything. Kristin was stuck running errands with her mom for most of the afternoon, but Jon was able to chill. We met up at my house and spent a few hours in town. We went to the dollar store and Harbor Freight (aka the cheap tools and other random junk store) in a sad attempt to kill a few hours, looked at some interesting junk, and then decided to go back to my house to play some video games until Kristin came home. We ended up scrapping this plan and Jon went home to run a few errands while I drove my mom’s car down to the car wash. We met up later in the evening and went down to the river for a little while. I took a few sweet pics while we were down there. Check ’em out:

Random Outhouse @ Fishing AccessWho says you can’t take a nice picture of an outhouse?!?Today was beautiful: blue skies & warm weather.

I freakin’ love this picture. The sun flare made a nice silhouette effect.

Jon really didn’t want his picture taken, but that didn’t bother me. 😀

Kristin, out in the water.

So that’s it for today. It’s been pretty crazy overall but I’m just glad to be done.