A new post before noon? That’s insane!

It’s 11:14 A.M. and I’m already writing a new blog post. That’s intense.

No, nothing major has really happened yet, but I wanted to inform all of the anxious blog readers out there that I made a decision on buying the podcasting mic. I decided that I am not going to buy the Blue Yeti microphone I originally wanted. Instead, I just bought the Blue Snowball. It’s similar to the Yeti, but much cheaper, and it still has all the features I want. It’s a lot more portable then the Yeti, so I’ll definitely be able to do mobile podcasts.

And here’s the best part: it’s coming to my house tomorrow. That means I’ll be posting a new podcast with tomorrow’s blog post. Time to get excited people. 🙂

That’s all for now. Expect another post or an update to this post later in the day (probably around midnight, aka the usual time when these posts are written).

– Will

P.S. All future podcasts for this blog will now be hosted on this website and not the other podbean website.


UPDATE: (Added 6.19.10 @ 12:34 A.M.)

Yes, I’m adding an update to this post the day after it was originally created. Technically, this is cheating. However, if we go by the rules set in place on an earlier post, because I created the beginning of this post on the day it was supposed to be posted, I’m still OK. I really need to set some solid rules for this blog so that I don’t have any excuses for cheating later. Hmm… Perhaps I’ll add a rules page in the About section of the blog…

Anyway, today wasn’t terrible. My parents went out of town today for Wild Bill Hickok Days in Deadwood, SD. In the past couple of years I’ve went with them, but this year I decided not to. While the five-hour drive to Deadwood is always “fun”, Deadwood itself is a complete bore. Sure, it’s fun for the first day or so to check out the tourist shops along Main Street, the cool hotels and flashy casinos, the free concerts on Main Street at night (assuming you don’t mind standing in a crowd full of drunk middle-aged adults), and maybe kick it in the only arcade on Main Street (it’s also inside a casino, so minors can’t go there alone). You might even enjoy the wonders of cable (which I don’t have at home), the swimming pool, and the free WiFi inside most hotels in Deadwood. But these things cease to entertain a person for longer then a couple of hours. Why? Because the amount of time spent doing those potentially fun things is much lower then the amount of time spent standing (at least three feet away, or someone will yell at you) behind a slot machine, watching a parent gamble. Trust me– standing and watching someone else have fun pulling a handle and watching a screen is probably the most boring thing you will ever do. The only interesting gambling to watch, card games where a live dealer deals out cards (like Blackjack or Texas Hold ‘Em), are placed in areas that minors aren’t allowed to enter.

Basically, if you aren’t 21 years old or older during your visit to Deadwood, you aren’t going to have a good time. Minors must follow a strict 10 PM curfew, and the casinos don’t allow minors to wander through them without being accompanied by an adult, so you can’t go anywhere by yourself. The stores along Main Street are full of tourist junk (except for one store which is filled with a variety of interesting items that have nothing to do with Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, or Deadwood in addition to their tourist crap) that’s ridiculously overpriced (with sales tax!). Because you can’t go anywhere alone, you’re stuck wandering around Deadwood, which is basically just Main Street, with an adult that wants to gamble, drink, and have fun at the concerts. The concerts aren’t very exciting either; there’s a stage built at one end of Main Street where the bands play. Most of the bands are country or classic-rock cover bands that occasionally have an original song. There’s a main band each night that you might have heard of at one point, and depending on the year, the “headline” band plays on Sunday night. The bands that play probably won’t play the music you listen to, and even if they do, it’s hard to enjoy when you’re surrounded by a bunch of drunk, obnoxious, middle-aged adults who attempt to dance and fail, epically. If you like having beer spilled on you repeatedly, then this is the perfect event (this has never happened to me, but I’ve seen it happen multiple times).

So I’m glad I did not go. I stayed at  home and relaxed until I had to go to work in the late afternoon. Work sucked, as usual, but it wasn’t very busy for a Friday night (then again, the store is never busy). There was a new guy working today, and it was his second day. While he seemed like a nice person, anyone who’s that “new” is basically useless. He didn’t know what to do, and basically shuffled around the store, adjusting clothes on already perfect racks. I can’t blame him, though– when you’re the new guy at Sears in the apparel section, and you haven’t completed your training, and the manager for your side of the store is gone, basically that’s all you can do. The first week that I worked there (way back in October), all I did was run around the Men’s side of the store with a folding table fixing messed up shirts on the display tables and refolding jeans on the jean wall. That was also because I didn’t actually receive any “legit” computer training on the various tasks someone in my position is expected to do for a couple of months, after I was kept on the staff after the Holidays (I worked as a “Holiday” temp-associate initially). So I can’t blame the kid for being basically useless, but it was irritating to have someone working with you that can’t do anything. Fortunately there was another more experienced associate working with me, and we did manage to leave the store at a decent time after close, but the shift just sucked.

So that’s it. Look for more stuff tomorrow.