Now Podcasting:

My Blue Snowball arrived in the mail this afternoon (as expected) and sat on my doorstep until about 5:30 PM when I finally came home from work. I would tell you more about my day, but I want you to actually listen to the podcast and give me some feedback on what you think about it. (Keep this in mind while you listen: aside from the intro, the rest of the podcast was basically just me “winging it”. Most future podcasts won’t be like this.)

I’m planning on going out tonight, so look for more written content later, and perhaps a few pictures! 🙂 See you then.


UPDATE: I did end up going out tonight. Jon, Anne, Ashlynn, and I all played Halo 3 on Xbox Live over at Jon’s house. It was nice to get out of the house and hang out with my friends for awhile. Ashlynn and I had a nice conversation about college and crack heads on the way back to her house, and it was good to see her again. I didn’t really have much of a chance to take any pictures tonight… When Ashlynn and I showed up at Jon’s house, Anne and Jon were both in their PJ’s (they told me to wear my PJ’s when I called earlier, but I thought they were joking haha), and Ashlynn and I were in our normal clothes. So that made things a little awkward, but not too bad.

Time to sleep now. Goodnight.


P.S. This post didn’t appear on the blog until later in the morning on June 20th due to some technical difficulties.