Blue Tongues and SAT Scores

Today was awesome. I went to Rose Park with my sister. We had a fun time swimming and doing flips off of the diving boards (they were more like flops actually… my back and stomach are still pink). When we weren’t swimming in the slightly frigid water, we relaxed in the sun, occasionally grazing on cherries, tongue-dying Gushers, and one of  the three new Mountain Dew “Dewmocracy” candidates, Whiteout (our conclusion about Whiteout: Meh. It’s OK.). It was nice to get outside of the house and have a little fun in the sun.

I love taking random black and white pictures.

Do kitty pools with mushroom sprinklers increase child drug use? Stay tuned…

These chairs are actually pretty comfortable on a sunny day.


Blue tongue disease victim.

Another blue tongue disease victim… Tragic.

This chair looked kind of depressed and lonely, so it we nicknamed it the “Emo chair”. 😛

We went to the pool at around 4:00 P.M. and left at around 7:00. We arrived home, made our own individual dinners, and watched a movie. We watched Go (you can check it out on Hulu [note: It’s rated R for a reason.]). It’s a pretty awesome movie, filled with drugs, awkward moments,  scams, and morally conflicting decisions. If you’re bored and in need of an intelligent movie, you should watch it. Remember to pay attention to the details…

After watching the movie, I remembered that my SAT scores were posted today. I’m somewhat satisfied with my results, but I plan on retaking the SAT in the fall. My scores were well above the required scores to get into the University of Montana, and I could probably get in with my current SAT scores and GPA. That makes me feel confident about my future, but I still need to look for scholarships and other financial aid.

Currently, I’m looking at a freshly printed U of M undergraduate application, casually glancing over the requirements. Life looks pretty good right now. I know which majors I plan to pursue and I know that the school I wish to attend has those majors. I know that I currently meet and exceed the requirements needed to be accepted at this college. I also know that I can afford to go to this college without the fear of being in debt from student loans when I’m 40. I feel as if making the decision about where to go next in my life is almost complete. Life is good, and I hope it stays that way.

Check back tomorrow for new posts, pictures, and a podcast. See you then.

– Will