Podcast Fail

Hey Everyone,

I attempted to make a quick podcast a few moments earlier on my netbook, but due to some unknown technical difficulties, the recording came out glitchy with random “skips”. Fortunately, I typed up somewhat of a transcript for the podcast ahead of time. The transcript is posted below. I’m using it as my blog post for today. Enjoy.


“I’ll start this podcast off with a quick summary of my day so far: Work. I went into work at 9:30 A.M. and left at around 2:50 P.M. I completed my first solo planogram today, which is kind of cool. A planogram, for those unfamiliar with retail terms, is a “plan” that is used to set products in a certain way on various shelves, racks, or hooks, depending on the individual planogram. In nationwide retail department stores, like Sears, Planograms are used in every department, from softlines– which mostly includes apparel– to hardlines– which depending on the retailer can include electronics, tools, lawnmowers, appliances, and other expensive items aside from clothing. If you didn’t really like that definition, Wikipedia’s definition of planograms is the following: “A planogram is a diagram of fixtures and products that illustrates how and where retail products should be displayed, usually on a store shelf in order to increase customer purchases.They may also be referred to as plano-grams, plan-o-grams, schematics or POGs.” For more information on planograms, check out the full article on Wikipedia… Anyway, I had to set a planogram today– something I’ve never done before– and it was a nice change of pace. They’re not very difficult to complete, but they’re more complex then the typical work a retail associate encounters– like folding clothes and cleaning fitting rooms. It’s also nice to know that my managers are giving me more responsibility. These planograms have to be set exactly as they are shown or else the store can fail an evaluation from a regional manager. I guess knowing that they trust me enough to give me the responsibility to work on a task like that is encouraging and makes me feel like I actually have some worth at that place, even if my minimum-wage pay fails to show it. It’s day four of my week-long “grounding”, so aside from work, not much else is going on. A fireworks stand just popped up in front of the neighborhood, so all of the kids here are running over to the wooden shack to exchange their fistfulls of dollars for small explosives. Last year I was one of those kids. I couldn’t get a job because I was only fifteen years old and I didn’t have a driver’s license to drive anywhere. Blowing stuff up provided a temporary amusement to quell the non-stop boredom. It seems like Jon, Kristin, and I hung out a lot more then, before we all had cars, and when only Jon had a job. Now I hardly see Kristin, and I haven’t hung out with either one of those two in over a week. That sucks. It’s kind of sad to know that one month of summer is already gone. I haven’t really done anything exciting or ridiculously fun in this month either. It seems like it’s just been going to work and sitting at home. I know part of that has to do with money, specifically the lack of money, and the other part has to do with motivation. It’s hard to think of things to do when your brain is so depleted by sheer boredom. And if you do manage to think of something, you want to do it with your friends who often aren’t available because they’re working. Life is frustrating like that. I guess the bright-side to this situation is the fact that a larger portion of summer still remains. I can still make the most of this summer. I just need to start now, or at least next Wednesday when I’m finally released from this bizzare grounding. I need to get out and have some fun, and avoid being stuck in a depthless sea of boredom. I think I’ll end it here. I want to personally thank all of my blog readers and those who listen to these podcasts for visiting the website. It’s nice to know that there are people out there who actually tune in to read and listen to the stuff I say. For thefinalsummer.com, this is Will saying, ‘You stay classy, planet earth!'”


So that’s what the podcast was supposed to be. I’m sorry I couldn’t record one today, but expect to see another podcast soon.

That’s all. -Will