“Ninjas always beat Pirates” or “Why it’s the perfect time to bust out your Jack Lalanne Power Juicer”

The above title is not a fail. It’s not an accurate description of the text within this post either. What is it then? Mission control isn’t exactly sure…

Today was another average Sunday for me. I went to work, I came home, and now I’m typing up this blog post. I have to go to work super early tomorrow morning, so I don’t have a lot of time to type up a legit blog post today. There is a bright-side to this: I’m not going to type a 1000 word post about a completely boring day that you would have to plow through to read. Also, I get off of work at 1 P.M. tomorrow and I have Tuesday off, so the next two days should be jam-packed with enough content to sate your desire for the usual lengthy blog post.

Other web/tech info: my netbook is acting up lately due to a RAM-seating issue. I’ve managed to temporarily fix this by seating the RAM in its correct position with some folded sticky notes. This isn’t a stable solution for the future, however, so I’m contemplating buying a new computer with my next paycheck (I get paid on Friday! :D). I haven’t made a solid decision on this yet, so I may be restricted to non-mobile podcasts until the RAM issue is fixed or a new laptop is purchased. I also will have to see what my paycheck looks like before I plan on spending any money…

That’s all for now. Posts with the usual amount of blog-content (or more!) will be back again tomorrow. If you still want to read more, go to the “Other” tab at the top of the page and check out the Archives and catch up on some of the old posts you’ve missed.

– Will

One thought on ““Ninjas always beat Pirates” or “Why it’s the perfect time to bust out your Jack Lalanne Power Juicer”

  1. Ninjas never always beat pirates you silly boy. We shall have to continue this debate some other time.

    [Edited by Will: This post needed some serious editing to be even remotely truthful. 😛 haha]

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