Short & Sweet

I’m busy packing for tomorrow, so I can’t write a “legit” post now. Here’s what happened today:

* I mowed the lawn. Hurrah.
* I went to work from 3-8:15 PM. It sucked– what a surprise.
* I hung out with Kelci at Off the Leaf and went to Wal*Mart. It was awesome. 🙂 We need to hang out more, preferably when businesses are open (haha).
* I’m packing my suitcase and typing up this entry on my phone. Huzzah.

So that’s it. Look for good stuff tomorrow and throughout the weekend. Keep commenting, reading, and telling your friends* about the blog! 😛

– Will

* Psh… Like you actually tell your friends about this blog. (haha)

NOTE: Due to some technical issues, this post wasn’t officially posted on the site until after 2:00 A.M. on July 2nd, 2010. I apologize for the delay, and wish to reassure my readers that the post was created within the deadline.

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