So as exciting as going to Butte sounds, it’s really a complete buzzkill.

First disappointment: Previously discussed driving arrangements for the over 200 mile dive to Butte were changed. I ended up driving our tank of a truck the entire trip, and I was stressed the entire time. People were driving especially stupid today, and moving from a tiny economy car to a large three-quarter ton diesel is not an easy transition, especially when you’re running on around five hours of sleep.

Disappointment #2: The current group of assembled family members consists of people who are either much older then me or much younger. The lack of peers and my disdain for children made today a living hell. As much as I enjoy sitting quietly in a restaurant where I’m surrounded by every other family member having fun, I think I’ll pass. More peeps are coming in tomorrow though, so hope for peer-salvation is still alive.

Third Disappointment: There is absolutely zero-time to blog. I’m actually typing this post out on my phone, in bed, listening to my dad snore. The room is pitch black, and everyone else is sleeping (or at least attempting to sleep). This means that bringing my netbook along with me on this trip was basically a complete waste of time. Hopefully I’ll get some time to blog and post the pictures I’ve taken tomorrow…

On a happier note, I got my ACT scores back today. I did much better then I expected to– a 28 composite score and two scores of 31 on the reading and writing tests (the max. you can score on the ACT is 36). I didn’t do as well on the math and science tests, but I still scored above the highest scores of the middle 50% of the colleges I sent my scores to on all four tests. I scored 91% nationwide on the entire ACT.

That’s all for now… More tomorrow.