Today was the main event of the entire trip. The surprise birthday party/family reunion was today. It was interesting to see a lot of people I hadn’t seen in a couple of years, and it was also nice to meet some new family members. I think the best part of the day was seeing the look on my grandma’s face when she entered the room full of her friends and relatives. We all ate lunch together and then watched a video compilation filled with random pictures and video of her and the rest of our family from years past. The video was very well made and the background music was also well-chosen. At the end of the movie, there was a “family tree” displayed in a credits-style format with the names slowly moving down the screen. This was one of the more dramatic parts of the movie, because at the end of the list of names, my Uncle David’s name slowly moved across the screen (he died several years ago in a car accident, a couple of years before I was born). After the movie, we all kind of sat around the room and talked for a couple of hours. The party broke up at around six, and everyone split up for dinner. After dinner, everyone went over to my grandma Helen’s house to watch the fireworks. My family bailed and went to Walkerville to watch the fireworks at my other grandma’s house. After the firework show, we went back to the hotel and passed out. We started the day pretty early, and it was around midnight when we finally got back to the room. It was a long day, to say the least.

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– Will


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on July 4th, 2010 @ 10:42 P.M.