4th of July Parade= Failtastic.

Every year that we visit Butte during the 4th of July, we watch the Butte 4th of July parade. Over the years it’s gone from somewhat enjoyable to “is this f***ing thing over with yet?”. The floats never change, the firetrucks always blare their obnoxious horns at deafening levels, corrupt politicians walk by and kiss babies, and the Shriners ride around on tiny vehicles… It’s always the same.

After the parade, we began the drive home. Multiple hours of sitting on one’s ass is not healthy, or fun. Traffic was better though, so I wasn’t completely stressed out of my mind like I was on Friday. I’m still not a fan of driving the Tank, but I’ve become slightly more comfortable driving it.

I still love driving the Focus though, and I’m glad that I will be driving it up to Butte in a few weeks when I go there to visit my cousins from North Carolina. It’s going to be my first solo extended trip, so I’m kind of stoked. I’m going to get up super early so I can beat traffic and get to Butte in the morning. (HURRAH ROAD TRIP! :P) Another benefit of driving up to Butte is being able to drive around Butte without a chauffeur. No more being stuck in Walkerville– the cousins and I are going to tear Butte up block by block on Evel Knievel days.

I’m really, really, really sleepy right now. So I’m going to end my typing here and instead fill the void with a lot of pictures. Here we go:

The stuff that made the list of “Stuff to Bring to Butte”

The stuff that didn’t make the list.

Yeah… This was taken on Friday @ 2:00 A.M.

Poor kids. I hope they’re getting paid.


Mario didn’t want his picture taken, apparently.


Hippie Van…

For some reason, I don’t think this bus would make it through Baghdad today in one piece.

One guy in a Volkswagen truck= the Libertarian Party in Montana?

This float is always in the parade.

I was so bored, I took a panorama shot of the bridge.

Well, that’s all. I’m super sleepy right now. Keep reading and commenting.

– Will