Mondays Suck.

Mondays suck. Summer has no effect on Mondays– they’re simply doomed to be one of the worst days of the week. Today was an especially crummy Monday. Working a seven-and-a-half-hour shift after several consecutive days of minimal sleep is not fun. Compounding the already bleak looking situation, I was scheduled to work with two new people. Essentially, that meant I was working by myself with two untrained assistants. Fortunately, we managed to get everything cleaned up and put away in the apparel side of the store in less than a half hour after close.

Thank God I have tomorrow off… I think I’m going to sleep in, call up some friends, and have some fun. After a busy weekend and a crummy day at work, I could use a little entertainment.

On a somewhat unrelated note, I’m still debating whether or not to buy a laptop now, or wait a week. I’m assuming that the price will stay the same, and even if it does, I’ll have more cash. I would also still be able to buy the laptop before I go to Butte to visit my cousins from North Carolina in a few weeks. Logic dictates that I should probably wait. Impulse yells to buy it now. I’m not patient either, which makes the situation more “fun”. I’m probably just going to wait… *sigh*

Sears put out their 2010 “Dorm Room Essentials Checklist” today, and I snagged one to see what I should be buying next year. Some of the stuff they put on the list is ridiculous (you really need a GPS for college?) and totally nonessential. Even with a few useless items, the list is still interesting to check out so one has a rough idea of what they’ll need for their dorm room. I’m excited to move out already, and I still have a year to go. It’s so strange to believe that only a couple of months ago I was scared to move away, and now I can’t wait for my future to begin…

I still have the rest of the summer and an entire school year to get through first though, so I might as well enjoy it. 😛

That’s all for now, folks. You know the drill: check back tomorrow for a new blog post and other goodies. Don’t forget to comment and tell your friends!

– Will

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