The Best Tuesday of 2010?

Today was the best Tuesday I’ve had all year. After an early (and unwanted) wake up call at 7:30 A.M., I went to the orthodontist’s office for an appointment. I learned that I should have my braces off before I start my Senior year at West! I just have to be extremely diligent about wearing the corrective elastics they gave me 24/7. It’s going to be difficult, but I’m so ready to get these stupid things off, it’s not even funny.

Next piece of good news: I took the plunge and bought a laptop! I know, I know– I should have waited. If I would have waited, I probably could have purchased a better computer, and I wouldn’t be broke for the next couple of days. Alas, I followed impulsive thinking and now I’m typing this post away on a new Toshiba Satellite L455-S5000. It was only $299.99 from my local Best Buy. I’m ecstatic that I bought this laptop now, but a few hours ago I was ready to throw it out the window.

Why? After going through the usual set-up process and deleting some unnecessary software (like the irritating anti-virus trial software that every computer manufacturer includes), I restarted the computer. It prompted me to log-in, and after typing in the proper info, it seemed to proceed as normal. Then the screen went blue and flashed an error message.

How the Hell does a new PC get a blue screen of death after using it for only five minutes?!?!?

This really pissed me off. It’s the second computer that I’ve had issues with right out of the box. I was determined to fix the damned thing though, because I didn’t want to go through a hellish return process. After an hour of swearing and many futile attempts, I decided to use the built in restoration software and completely wipe the new Windows 7 install on the laptop and reinstall it. After an hour of reinstalling Windows 7 and all the necessary drivers and other Toshiba software, the laptop started up like it did the first time I hit the power button. I went through the set-up process again, the laptop restarted, and everything is going smoothly. I’m not exactly pleased that I had to go through all that crap, but I’m glad that I have a nice, cheap, working laptop. 🙂

(Just call me Mr. Tech Support.)

So my braces are coming off soon and I purchased something I’ve wanted for several years… Life is good! 😀 Currently, there is only one mild irritation: I have to go to work tomorrow at 7:00 A.M. On the bright side, I get off at 2 P.M. So it’s not all bad.

I need to go to bed. I’m running on four hours of sleep, and I have to get up early tomorrow. Keep reading and commenting!

– Will