The conversation I just finished with one of my best friends, Kelci, has left me with a feeling of intense nostalgia. At a point in my life where I feel completely ready to begin my future, its interesting to see what feelings come up when I look back at the past. I remember the good times in junior high at Canyon Creek, when we played soccer everyday at lunch. I remember how we always complained about how terrible Canyon Creek was, and how we couldn’t wait to get out of the dump. I remember getting up early to go to MathCounts during the Winter with Jon and Kendra. The main reason Jon and I did MathCounts was for the free donuts and apple juice– the math stuff we learned on the side was just an added bonus. Our team never won any of the local competitions we went to, but I learned a lot from MathCounts. I also got a few nerdy t-shirts (one of them says “Connerstein” on the back), a nice folder, a wristband, a few random certificates, and a book (The Joy of Pi by David Blatner) for knowing the most math vocabulary in our MathCounts group. I didn’t go to competition to year I won the vocabulary knowledge contest because the teacher leading our MathCounts group wanted the younger students to stay with the program. So instead of picking the smarter kids, she picked two younger kids and two older kids. Jon and I didn’t make the cut, but we didn’t really care; we had already gone to two competitions in previous years. As fun as sitting in a room for four hours and taking a math test sounds, it really sucks. We were pissed about it that day though, and we ranted and raved about the entire morning afterward.

I joined Student Council that year too. I was the only 8th grade class representative. I only ran for the position because nobody else in our class was running for it, so I figured I might run and see what goes on at the Student Council meetings. Honestly, the Student Council at Canyon Creek had no decision making power over anything important. We talked about dances, fundraisers, and building a fountain in the courtyard. I liked the other people who were in Student Council though, and I a lot of fun goofing around when we were supposed to be sharing ideas about what the “Red Ribbon Week Dress Up Days” should be.

I think some of the best times I had in junior high were when I hung out with Josh and Tucker. One night, Josh and I slept over at Tucker’s house. I had just gotten a video camera a few months earlier, and I wanted to make some funny videos with it. We made videos the past few times we’d hung out with Josh’s cell phone, and now we wanted to upload some of our crazy videos to YouTube. We made a couple videos that night, and I have two that I posted to YouTube. I also had another video where Tucker and I covered Josh in a pile of furniture, dirty socks, and popcorn after he’d fallen asleep. We took his mp3 player and put a headphone right by his ears, cranked up the music to full blast and ran to the other room to wait for him to wake up. He woke up, said, “You guys suck… shut up…”, shut off his mp3 player, pulled the popcorn that was taped to his hair off, and went back to sleep. It was hilarious, but even more hilarious when he tried to get up the next morning. He was covered by two banana chairs and a small Halloween candy cauldron with a sock dangling out of it on his face. He tried to sit up and smacked his head on the cauldron. It was classic.

Here are the two videos I saved from that night. Tucker recorded the first video, and Josh recorded the second one.

Chinese Technical Support:

(Starring Josh and Me)

The Ultimate WorkOut Video:

(Starring Tucker and Me)

I really got into recording stupid YouTube videos for awhile after that, and Jon and I later created Skippy and Jar. We made up Skippy and Jar the day after I had gotten back from my Spring Break vacation to Jamaica. I had two Red Stripe hats, and Jon, Kristin, Dillon (Kristin’s little brother), and I were all sitting around, when I got the bright idea to make a movie. Jon wore my the red-colored Red Stripe hat and I wore the black one. We did a really weird jumping intro, and then did some random crap and threw Dillon around. We made two “plot-less” videos that were entirely improv. Then, we decided to make a third Skippy and Jar movie that actually had a plot. Jon, Tucker, Dillon, and I are in this video, and Kristin recorded it with her camera. We were supposed to make a sequel to tie up the loose ends of the plot, but that has yet to happen. Anyway, here’s the third video we made, and the last surviving video from the Skippy and Jar series.

It’s fun to look back on those times. It seems like it was only yesterday that we were recording those videos. I really want to make some more stupid videos like that with my friends, but we’ve all been busy with life lately. Maybe I’ll get everyone together sometime this week to make a new video… Hmm. We shall see.

That’s all for now, folks. I hope you enjoyed a brief look into my past. I figured it was a nice change of subject material to the usual “this is what I did today _____” format. I didn’t really do much today aside from work anyway, so this seemed like an appropriate time to take a look into past. 😛 I’m going to get some sleep now… Thanks again for reading!

– Will