Swimming, Sunburns, Music, and “The Good News”

Public swimming pools are an interesting affair. At different times of the day, the average age of the pool population changes. Around noon, mostly little kids are swimming. In the late afternoon, mostly teenagers and adults are swimming. With this change in age, so changes the average speed of the swimming population. Little kids swim incredibly slow whereas most teenagers swim at a decent pace. I understand that little kids have smaller bodies and less muscle, but I tire quickly waiting several minutes for little kids to swim from the diving board to the ladder. A new rule should be suggested that would be similar to this: If you can’t make it to the ladder in thirty seconds or less after your dive, you are not allowed to jump unless there is three or less people in line at a single diving board. Extreme? Perhaps. But it solves the waiting problem for the rest of us.

Another fun thing to do when swimming at a public pool is to forget to apply sunscreen. Nothing reminds you that it’s summer in the northern hemisphere like a nice sun-burned back. And you know that ladies love red necks and shoulders with a farmer’s tan, because there is simply no other way to explain why they always giggle when you walk by with that damaged skin combo.

Kelci joined me on my adventure to the swimming pool today. After a few hours of roasting, we decided to bail and go to Hastings. After a few moments of digging through the dollar CD section, we both picked some interesting looking CDs. I think I got my dollar’s worth of good music from my selection; I’m not sure how well Kelci’s picks turned out yet. We exchanged some epic mix CDs before the adventure began, so either way we both ended up with good music at the end of the trip.

After the swimming and music trip, I went home. I was having a brief discussion with my mother about college when my dad came home. He had an interesting look on his face. It was almost sad, but also surprised. My great-aunt died a few days ago, and he just found out today. I never really got to meet her, but she gave me a nice gift for my confirmation a few years back. The few times I did meet her she seemed to be a very nice person, and I’m sad to see another family member pass away before I’ve truly been able to know them. Life goes on however, and it looks like I’m going to Butte on Saturday for her funeral. It’s supposedly also going to be a “test run” for my trip to Butte on Tuesday.

I don’t think Tuesday’s drive is going to be exciting now that I’m driving up a few days beforehand, but I guess driving alone will be a different experience then driving with my dad. It kind of casts a cloud over the trip, but I’m sure everything will still be fine. Evel Knievel days will be going on during my stay, so I’ll still be able to check out the dirt bike tricks and free-energy drink samples.

Now you’re probably wondering where the “good news” is at. Well, it’s a brief description of my attempt to share “the good news” with a friend of mine. We were talking about random things when we got into a bit of a debate with religion and then all of sudden I was talking about how this person should reconsider their views. I’m not sure where it came from, but I felt the urge to try to get this person to give religion another chance. It’s a bit odd, considering I haven’t been to mass in a while, but it was like a reawakening. I feel a sudden invigoration to pick up a Bible and read. I also have a strong desire to go to church.

Random note: I get paid tomorrow! Yay! 😀 The poor streak is over. I can’t wait to spend money again. I’m going to go to bed now so that I can wake up early and buy stuff (haha).

– Will

P.S. I have to send a shout out to my cousin Timothy– it’s his birthday. Happy Birthday cuz! See you soon.