The Next Time You Buy Socks…

The next time you find yourself buying socks from a major retailer, notice the way the socks are arranged. Notice the little tags behind the socks. See how the socks are neatly organized with each style of sock placed in a specific area. Count how many hooks are sticking out from the shelf in front of you. Count the socks too, if you’re so inclined. Then take a step back.

Somebody went to all the effort to put every single sock on those hooks. Someone put all of those hooks on that shelf. Somebody placed each of those tags behind the socks on the hook, and they also printed out the little pieces of paper for those tags. They also placed each individual sock in its correct location, carefully noting where each style goes. They followed a planogram to place each sock where it belongs, and they spent serious time placing every single hook, sock, and sticker on that stupid shelf. Remember that the next time you go sock shopping and feel tempted to completely destroy the sock section.

I had to complete another sock POG today. Actually, I completed two and a half sock POGs today. I finished the planogram I started last time, then I shifted an old one to a new section, and then I started and finished a new one. I was supposed to complete four sock planograms today in six hours. I was originally scheduled to complete five POGs in two hours, but because I never finished them the last time, I had to play catch up. Corporate expectations for associates to complete all of these tasks are insane. Each planogram takes at least an hour to complete, and that’s if the associate working on the task is uninterrupted  in their work and they don’t have any equipment issues (the handheld “workstation” dies, the printer battery dies, the handheld won’t connect to the store’s network, the printer runs out of paper, the planogram is messed up, etc.).

I guess I don’t really care about all that right now. I’m 200+ miles away from work, I have tomorrow off from work, and in three days I’m going on a five-day vacation. They only have two more days to torture me before I leave.

…assuming that they approved my vacation request…

I really hope they did. I put my request in more than two weeks in advance (two weeks advance notice is the minimum requirement for requesting time off) and I’ve been looking forward to this trip for about a month now. My cousins are also excited for me to visit them.

And yet, I’m already in Butte. I had to drive in today for the funeral tomorrow, and then we’re driving home tomorrow. A few days later, I’m driving back. That’s a lot of time on the road in a very short period of time. I should have a nice trucker’s gut by the time my vacation is over. đŸ˜› Right now, I’m sitting on my grandpa’s couch, listening to my dad and my grandpa talk. I should probably rejoin the conversation.

Keep reading, commenting, and spreading the word! đŸ˜€

– Will