Prep. Photograph. Pause.

When it comes to any type of preparation, I am either over-prepared or completely unprepared. Knowing this about myself, I have planned out the items I need/want for Tuesday’s excursion a few weeks in advance. I’m also beginning to purchase some of the stuff I want for my dorm room now. Today, I bought a small, black Kenmore coffeemaker. I contemplated buying a larger coffeemaker for a little more money, but I remembered that space is going to be very limited in the dorms. I don’t think I’ll ever need or want to brew more then the five cups of coffee at once anyway, so the larger capacity isn’t necessary. A random bonus to buying the coffeemaker a year early is being able to make coffee in my bedroom. I don’t think I ever will after tonight, but who knows.

Coffee. Cameras. Click.

This cup makes me laugh every time I see it.

The coffeemaker will also coordinate with the toaster I want, so I guess that’s cool. Heaven forbid if my small appliances don’t coordinate… Hell would break loose.

As I uploaded those pictures, I came across a few pictures I’ve been meaning to upload for a while now. I took a few pictures of my laptop and how my netbook compares in size to my new laptop. Check ’em out:

I think my netbook is just a wee bit smaller, but the laptop’s power and OS makes up for it’s bulkier size.

I also made a roadtrip mix CD for the trip on Tuesday. Here’s a picture of the “art” I doodled onto the CD:

I’m wiped. Work was exhausting, but not productive. One more day until freedom. Good night.

– Will

2 thoughts on “Prep. Photograph. Pause.

  1. Sometimes I wish I could post more photos than just one for a certain day, but then other times I’m struggling to find just one! I love all of yours though ( :

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