Packing Fail.

It’s 11:16 P.M. at OP13 studios and I’ve just hit a roadblock in the late-night packing process–  my suitcase isn’t big enough to hold all of my stuff.

I guess that isn’t something that I shouldn’t have expected (it’s carry-on sized at a whopping 21″) but it is a bit of a disappointment. Now I have to make a decision to either find a bigger suitcase or pack some stuff in the suitcase and other stuff in my backpack. I think I’m going to run downstairs and see if there’s a larger suitcase down there… I’ll be right back.

(A few moments later…)

OK, so I did manage to find larger luggage. Now I have to choose between a super huge suitcase (this thing is a beast) or a duffel bag. The duffel bag doesn’t seem that much larger then my suitcase, so I may have to go with the gargantuan baggage. Let’s see if my stuff will fit… Nope, it’s not going to fit in the duffel. It looks like I’m bringing along Godzilla suitcase. Everything fits nicely in the big suitcase, but I feel like its way too big. People will be asking me which pocket the kitchen sink is in.

To give you an idea of exactly what is inside the suitcase, here’s a short list (remember that I’m going on a five-day trip):

* Five “Day” Shirts (aka shirts I would wear in public)

* Four PJ/whatever shirts and two pairs pajama pants and two pairs of shorts.

* Three pairs of jeans and three pairs of shorts.

* One swimming suit.

… and eight pairs of socks and nine pairs of underwear.

So that’s it. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but it takes up a lot of space. The main space hogs are my jeans and my PJ pants. Butte has crazy weather, so both are necessities. Even if it is July, I don’t want to be stuck in shorts when it’s 50 degrees outside. I’m also going to bring a hoodie.

My backpack is an entirely different affair. Everything fits inside of it perfectly. I’m bringing a lot of electronics (my laptop, my netbook, my iPod Touch, my Snowball Mic, a stack of blank CDs, an external CD drive… and some other stuff.

I really need to finish packing now though so I can get a good night’s sleep for tomorrow’s drive. I’ll add an update after I finish.

– Will