Fifteen-minute Fisherman. Full-time Photographer.

Today we went fishing at Storm Lake. The drive to the lake was long and bumpy, and my uncle’s rental crossover barely made it up the hill. After finally reaching the lake, we discussed whether or not the drive down would be better or worse. We were also talking about how it would have been much easier to take a truck, and how my earlier suggestion of taking the Focus to the lake would have been impossible when an old man in a Geo Metro appeared at the top of the hill. Ah, how I love irony…

The lake was beautiful. The raw reflection of the overcast sky, the tall green trees, and the sharp mountain background on the water made a natural masterpiece. Capturing this natural masterpiece proved difficult at first due to an interesting lighting situation, but I was able to take several nice shots. Below is a panorama of the lake.

After taking a few pictures of the lake, I grabbed a fishing pole and made a couple of casts. After fifteen minutes without any bites (during this time I tried at two different spots), I gave up fishing and decided to explore the lake’s trails for more scenes to photograph. I brought my nice camera and the small blue point-and-shoot. Unfortunately, the blue camera is no longer usable. I set my camera on the floor near my seat when someone moved the seat forward and crushed the top of the bag. Now, the LCD screen on the blue camera is completely messed up and cracked. I’m pretty bummed about it because I really liked that camera. It can still take pictures, but you can see what you’re taking a picture of because the screen is cracked. On the bright side, my good camera suffered no injury and the blue camera only cost around $20. I’m still pretty depressed that it’s broken though, especially because it was such a good camera for a cheap price. Hopefully I’ll find another good camera like it soon… (Here are some other pictures I took when we were down at the lake.)

When we were walking around the lake, I found a nice stump with some interesting moss-stuff on it. I was snapping some shots of the cool looking stump when the sky opened up and rain fell in a torrential downpour. We ran back to the car and waited until the rain stopped. It rained intermittently throughout the day, and it got progressively worse as the day dragged on. We continued to explore the lake’s trails between the  heavy rains, killing time until the evening. I decided to go down the hill in the truck instead of the rental, and the experience was much better. When we got home, we munched on snacks and watched a George Lopez marathon on Nick@Nite. Life goes on…

I’m going to get some sleep now. It’s been a long day…

– Will

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