Evel Knievel Days: Day One

Today, Kaleb, Timothy, and I checked out the Evel Knievel days festival in uptown Butte. It’s a pretty cool event because there is a ton of free entertainment. Traveling acts come from all around the country to perform at Evel Knievel days, and during the evenings a group of professional freestyle dirtbike riders get together and perform insane stunts. Today was the first day of the festivities, and most of the main attractions were scheduled for the weekend. We checked out some of the street vendors and watched the freestyle riders practice for part of the afternoon, then left and checked out some other places in Butte. Here’s a few of the pictures I snapped while we were uptown.

Sketchy-looking alleys make the best shortcuts.

We drove around Harrison Avenue and stopped by a couple of random stores. We stopped by the local Sears to see how ridiculously tiny it was in person (it really was ridiculously tiny). We also checked out the local GameStop, Play ‘N’ Trade, and a used bookstore. The bookstore was awesome. I almost bought a college textbook on Microbiology, but I decided to buy a few other books on writing and photography. Out of the three books I bought, I think The Associated Press Stylebook will be especially useful later on.

Today was pretty awesome. I can’t wait to read my new books, so I’m going to start that now. New posts tomorrow. Keep commenting!

– Will


P.S. I haven’t been able to post blogs on the same day for the past few days because of time issues with this vacation, but posts should resume daily updating on Saturday, July 24th.