Dollar Store Special

Today was awesome.

We started off the day anxiously searching for an energy drink stand with free samples at the Evel Knievel days festival. During the past couple of times I’ve been to the festival, there has always been a truck giving out free energy drink samples. This year there was no such truck or stand, so we were pretty disappointed. After looking at a few of the street performers’ acts, we left uptown Butte and went to the dollar store. I bought two cans of silly string, a giant “root beer” mug, mint-flavored Mentos, toy handcuffs, Ray-Ban knockoff sunglasses, and a big pack of rubber bands. We then went to Wal*Mart and bought an 8-pack of 12 oz. Diet Coke bottles. We sped home to make pop-volcanoes, and upon arrival, we promptly covered my grandma’s steps in Diet Coke. I also managed to go through both cans of silly string attempting to cover Kaleb in pink and purple goo.

After making pop volcanoes and having a short silly string war, we made a random hostage-style video (I’ll have to post it on YouTube later). After making our random video, we went inside and made a quick snack pit-stop. We then went back to uptown Butte and watched Spanky Spangler fall jump off of the roof of the Metals Bank Building. It was incredibly lame. The landing pad he fell on was about one-story tall, eliminating any way he could possible. He did the same thing last year off of a different building, but he was also on fire last time. Falling off of a several story building while on fire is cool; just falling off of a several story building is not.

We waited 45 minutes to see Spanky’s falling act, watched him fall, and then went back to the house. We watched YouTube videos, recorded random songs, and watched an Everybody Hates Chris marathon on Nick@Nite. I need to get some sleep for the drive tomorrow, so I’m going to end the post here. Keep commenting and reading!

– Will

P.S. This is a compilation of the recordings we made… Enjoy!