The Drive, Part II.

The drive to Butte wasn’t bad, but the drive back was hellish. Just trying to get out-of-town proved to be difficult– while loading my suitcase into the trunk, I dropped my keys in the trunk and closed it. This led to a trip to the local Ford dealership where another key was made to unlock the trunk to get my car keys back. It only delayed me for a little under an hour, but it still sucked. Fortunately for me, the spare key only cost about three bucks to make. If I had to call a locksmith to unlock the car, it would have cost around $50. Lucky me.

I stopped to see my Grandma Helen on the way out-of-town, fueled up at a nearby gas station, bought a fruit punch-flavored Nos and some pull-n-peel Twizzlers, and then sped toward the highway. I took the wrong exit to the highway and drove in the opposite direction of Billings for a half-mile, turned around, and then started on my way to Billings. The trip took about three hours, and construction was atrocious as ever. Construction zones that are six miles long should not have a 35 mph speed limit on the highway. It leads to swearing and the urge to roll down one’s window and make rude hand gestures at all drivers within eye contact. Six hours of sleep also made the drive hellish. I never want to drive without a decent night’s sleep again.

I got home in the afternoon and relaxed for a few hours. I then met up with Jon later in the evening and we hung out for a bit. It’s nice to be home in Billings again.

I’m going to go to bed now. Expect longer, regularly updated posts to resume as they did prior to me going on vacation. Remember to leave your comments, suggestions, opinions, etc. below. Thanks for reading!

– Will