Back to Work

After five days of vacation and a late night out, going back to work today was not a pleasant experience. I felt tired and slow during the entire shift; we were seriously understaffed and the store was incredibly busy for a Sunday. In the end, everything worked out OK. I got to go home on time, and life was good.

I’m so tired right now, it’s not even funny. I slept for most of the day, but I’m still reeling from a week of minute sleep. I was so tired during my vacation that I almost feel asleep watching freestyle riders do backflips on dirtbikes. My legs aren’t used to standing and walking around for several consecutive hours without rest after having several days off, and now they feel like lifeless lumps of Jell-o.

I feel exhausted. Fortunately, I have tomorrow and Tuesday off, so I have a few days to recoup. After Tuesday, I have a full week of work. I’m glad to have a lot of hours, but I hope it doesn’t become tiresome. I also hope I don’t have to do any more sock POGs for a while. 😛

I’m going to bed. I know this post was kind of lame, but today was kind of lame too. Let me know if your day was any more (or less) interesting in a comment on this post. Thanks again for reading, and look for another post soon.

– Will