Fact of Life: People are stupid.

I’m glad to have my job. I like being able to make my own money and spend it however I like. I know some people have difficulty getting jobs. However, I don’t love my job. Working in the retail industry is probably Earth’s equivalent to the 9th ring of Hell. Not only do you have to cater to every idiot customer who happens to stumble into your store, but you also have to pick up after them. People seem to be attracted to tables of folded clothes like moths to a light. With this attraction, there is also a primal urge within certain individuals to destroy an entire table in a few minutes (I really would like to smash this type of customer’s head in a folding table).

Today wasn’t a terrible day overall, but one single event of today is driving me insane. It happened in the fitting room.

Before I begin my tale, I would like to talk about proper fitting room etiquette. Whenever I try on clothes at a store, I always make sure to knock before I go into a fitting room. After I am sure that the room is empty, I go inside and lock the door. I don’t leave the door opened a crack. I don’t leave the door unlocked. I lock the damned door. I try on the clothes I’ve picked out, see if they fit and if I like ’em, then put ’em back on their hanger. I get dressed back into my normal clothes and leave. Pretty normal routine, right?

When I check fitting rooms, I make sure to always knock before I open the door, even if the door is cracked. After knocking, I’ll pause briefly, then open the door. I figure this gives anyone on the other side of the door plenty of time to announce their presence and avoid a really awkward experience.

During a fitting room check this afternoon, I noticed a door that was cracked open. Usually, a cracked door means an empty room. I proceeded with caution though, and I knocked first. I then proceeded to open the door after knocking. The door hit a shopping cart inside the fitting room and stopped. Then I heard someone say, “Hey!”, or something, and I said, “Sorry!”, and then left the room. The door did not open any further then the crack that was visible when I first seen it, thank God, but it still made me feel incredibly embarrassed and a bit pissed.Who the f*** leaves their door open in a fitting room? Why barricade it with a shopping cart when you could just lock the door? Questions about why a person would ever neglect to close their door in a fitting room bounced around my head for the rest of the shift. I finally figured out the answer; it’s the same answer to every question involving why people do certain things: people are stupid.

So that’s it. I’m drained from today’s nine-hour shift, so I’m going to catch some Z’s. You know the drill: New post tomorrow. Leave your comments and suggestions below.

– Will