Month in Review: July

July has been an interesting month. In comparison to June, July was an especially speedy month. A couple of July’s highlights include: going to Butte several times, learning that I’m getting my braces off before school, buying my new laptop, buying random small appliances for college, and hanging out with my friends. It’s a bit disappointing to know that this project is ending in 25 days, but I know that it’ll be going out with a bang (aka the road trip to Seattle).

Dang. I just realized that I have 25 days left to finish a summer-reading assignment for AP English. I also need to start studying for the SAT and the ACT again. So much for 25 more days of summer… Not that I’m going to be free to choose how to spend the next 25 days anyway. I’m going on vacation with my family for two weeks the week after next week (August 8th-21st for those who didn’t want to do the math), and next week is jam-packed with almost 40 hours of work. School is going to be here before I know it…

And yet, it won’t be here before I know it. I’ve already purchased some new clothes for school and a new messenger bag, and I’ve made a list of other school supplies I need to buy still (the 2010 Associated Press Stylebook is on the list). I’ve also counted how many days are left until school starts,, and I’ve been looking at new stuff for this Fall… Who am I kidding– I’m ready for school to start. I’m not going to deny the fact that knowing this summer is coming to an end is a bit of a disappointment, but I also can’t deny that I’m ready to go back to school. Lazy days filled with sleep, watching TV, surfing the web, and typing blog posts at midnight are fun, but I miss being in class with my friends. School will also offer a nice reprieve from work, which I am extremely thankful for. I’m glad that I have a job, and I like having a lot of hours because I need the cash, but I hate working in retail. My managers are all great, my co-workers are nice, and the work isn’t usually that demanding. However, I do hate working shifts during days where the store is completely empty and I’m bored out of my mind. Working the past four days in a row is also leaving me a bit angst-filled, so I’m probably over-exaggerating how crummy the conditions are.

I bought a toaster today. Originally, I planned to buy a black toaster to match my black coffeemaker. After watching Foamy the Squirrel’s “Amityville Toaster” video (check it out on Youtube),  I decided to buy a red one instead. I like it. I can’t wait to go to college and actually use my small collection of small appliances…

I have to end this post here. I have to get up for work at 5 in the morning tomorrow, so I need to go to bed ASAP. Remember to comment, subscribe, and check the blog everyday… Thanks for reading. 🙂

– Will