Late to Bed and Early to Rise…

There’s nothing quite like the feeling one experiences when awaking to an alarm clock beeping at 5:00 A.M., after  going to bed at around 1:00 A.M., during the summer. Not only is the realization that you are up before the clock is reading double digits startling, but seeing other people happily beginning their day at such an early hour is disturbing. Do these people have any sanity? Don’t they know that those who truly live a happy life sleep until at least ten in the morning?

Proceeding to work an 8-hour shift after sleeping a mere four-hours is not a pleasant experience, especially when you do not have access to caffeine for the first few hours. Sitting is not advised because your body will automatically shut down and go to sleep. Walking is also an interesting task because the lack of sleep messes with your body’s natural coordination, causing you to occasionally stumble and sway, giving you the general appearance of a drunk.

Trying to type a blog post after all of this is also an immense undertaking because the brain wants to shut down. Thoughts are only 75% coherent. Words and ideas flow erratically.

Today was a pretty uneventful day. I went to work at 7:00 A.M., set up the ad, changed the women’s department, and helped cashier during a few busy points. I got off of work at 3:15 P.M., went home, changed the motor oil in the Focus, went to Wal*Mart to recycle the old oil and buy some electrical tape, drove back home, and then went back into town to pick up dinner. After dinner, I took mom’s car to the gas station and drove it through the car wash. When I got back home, I played Halo for an hour or so, browsed the web for random college stuff, and now I’m finishing up this post. I plan to plug my laptop in and crash as soon as I publish this post.

So that’s it. Another boring day for the record books.

Thanks for reading my blog. Remember to leave your comments below. All suggestions, criticisms, random comments, and rants are appreciated (as long as they are somewhat on-topic 😉 ). New post tomorrow…

– Will