Work. Sleep. Repeat.

I’ve fallen into a disturbing cycle of going to work, coming home, and then going to sleep. Then, I wake up, get ready for work, and go back to work. Repeat the entire process over again for several days, and now you know what the last couple days of my life have been like. My feet are sore, my legs are cramped, and my head is splitting. My body is tired of working.

Today started in an especially hellish fashion. I woke up 15 minutes before I needed to start getting ready for work, so I quickly scarfed down a Pop Tart and ran upstairs to take a shower. I stopped for a moment to check Engadget, got dressed and left for work 10 minutes late. I sped through town and barely punched-in on time. To make things more interesting, my eyes began to stream tears continuously for no apparent reason. My sinuses began to feel FUBAR, and my nose seemed clogged with fluid. I walked around the store, occasionally stopping to wipe my eyes and grimace in pain because my head felt like it was splitting in half. I thought this must feel somewhat like a hangover, minus the excessive vomiting. I also felt exhausted, which was strange to me as I had slept for almost eight hours. I believe the effects from the lack of sleep the night before were still hanging around today, but I’m not sure.  It doesn’t really explain why my sinuses were out of whack though.

Work was pretty boring. The first few hours flew by whereas the rest of the day passed at a moderate pace. New people looked to me to give them tasks to work on because all of the managers were gone. I wasn’t really sure what to tell them to do at first because I was also trying to find something to do. Most of the morning-shift crew worked on tagging and moving clearance items, so the fitting rooms and general appearance of the store were in disrepair. Also, nobody had completed the restocking process earlier in the day, so it needed to be finished so there would be somewhat of a chance for us to get out of the store on-time. After meeting with the other associates on the floor to delegate tasks, we all went to work, anxious to get out of the store. We managed to finish closing the store a few minutes earlier then usual, but we also sacrificed completing other essential tasks like tagging clearance. I thought about this as I left, but the feeling of relief to finally leave the store overcame those worried thoughts.

Tomorrow is another early day. It’s the last day of this seven-day working streak though, so I’ll be able to catch up on all of the usual stuff I do on my days off soon. Perhaps a podcast? I definitely need to e-mail my penpal though… (I haven’t forgotten! :)) Anyway, make sure to check the site tomorrow for a new post. Leave your comments, suggestions, rants, questions, etc. below while you’re at it, because I like ’em. I like ’em a lot.

– Will