Work. Pool. Caffeine.

Today was another early day, and I had to be at work by 7:00 A.M. The first few hours of the day were pretty uneventful, and I took an early “lunch break” at around nine-thirty in the morning. After another night with only four-hours of sleep, I knew it would take a helluva breakfast to keep me going for the rest of the 8-hour shift. I made a quick pit-stop at the gas station and bought a Monster M-80 (which is definitely one of my favorite energy drinks). I packed a lunch today, and because I wasn’t expecting to eat so early I brought a microwave-friendly mac ‘n’ cheese meal. I scarfed down this breakfast of champions in the break room while the rest of the store’s employees piled in to begin their shifts. I caught a few awkward glances for eating macaroni and cheese at such an early hour, but I really didn’t care. The lack of physical energy motivated me to consume calories and caffeine without care for my coworkers’ prejudice against my glorious meal. The rest of the shift passed uneventfully, and life was good.

After work, I had an insatiable desire to get the hell out of the house and have some fun. After seven straight days of work, I was more then ready to do something entertaining. I called up Jon and we went downtown to Breakers to play some pool. In the upstairs part of the building, where the pool tables are at, there is also a kind of “minor-friendly” bar. No booze, of course, just pop and energy drinks. There’s a counter-top that runs along one wall like a bar, and there are even bar stools by the counter-top– also like a bar. The only thing that’s missing is a couple of taps and some mugs and it could probably qualify as a bar. Surprisingly, this bar-like feature is actually a beneficial addition to the substance-free pool place. Something about it’s presence gives the place an adult feel in the midst of a kid-friendly zone. It’s a welcome feeling to adolescents who are anxious for their senior year to be over already so they can go out into the real world and let it kick their asses already.

Jon and I played pool for a while, and Anne joined us later. After a little over an hour of playing pool, we decided to bail and go get some ice cream at Dairy Queen. We sped down to the Dairy Queen by Amend Park, picked up some frozen dairy goodness, and then drove down to a park by Jon’s house. We talked for a while about random stuff, and then we all went our separate ways. It wasn’t a bad way to start my “weekend”.

I have tomorrow and Thursday off, then I work for two more days, and then my two-week vacation begins. I can’t wait to be free from work for 14-days. It sounds like Heaven.

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– Will