Coffee, Messenger Bags, Linux, and the School Schedule…

The first-part of today was awesome. I slept in late, ate a nice lunch, and checked my Facebook. Then, Kelci texted me and asked me if I wanted to meet her and Spencer down at City Brew. My urge to get out of the house and do something still wasn’t fulfilled by last night’s pool-playing, frozen-dairy-eating, and park-loitering escapade, so I happily agreed to go. Spencer and I have been Facebook friends for a little while, but I hadn’t actually met him in person until today. I’ve been spreading my love of Linux (mainly Ubuntu) through wall posts and comments, so I decided to bring my laptop down to the coffee shop so I could actually show him the wonders of Ubuntu. Also, I had to bring my Blue Snowball podcasting microphone with me too because he is a fellow podcaster and I figured that a fellow podcaster could appreciate the awesomeness of a legitimate podcasting microphone. I lugged all of this down to the coffee shop in my new messenger bag. I like the messenger bag, but my laptop can’t fit in the specially-padded laptop pocket. It can still fit in the bag– just not in the “laptop-friendly” pocket.

After briefly showing off my nerdy tech stuff, we had a nice conversation outside on the patio about a lot of random things. It was fun. It was nice to see Kelci again and I enjoyed meeting Spencer. Mainly, it was just nice to get out of the house and have a good time with cool people. We planned to go to Inception later in the evening, but my parents had other ideas. I had forgotten to do a few chores the day before, and the giant axe of punishment finally landed. I’m grounded from going out for the rest of the week. It was a bit of a disappointment because  I was excited to see Inception again, but I guess I’ll live. I still feel bummed that I had to bail on our plans.

Tomorrow looks remarkably disappointing. I’m stuck at the house all day and the lawn needs to be mowed. It’s like a cross between house-arrest and Hell.

That’s all for today, folks. Remember to leave your comments, suggestions, questions, rants and raves, etc. below. Your input is always appreciated…

– Will

P.S. Shortly after posting this, I realized that I forgot to include my class schedule. Sorry about that. Without further delay, here is my provisional class schedule for first semester:

1st: AP English
2nd: Human Anatomy
3rd: AP Statistics
4th: Environmental Science
5th: Genocide
6th: Kodiak (School Newspaper)

I’m excited for this year already. Having AP English first period will be interesting, but I think I can handle it. I might have to put the new coffeemaker to work though… At the very least, it’s better then having math first period. I can at least write while I’m only semi-conscious (this blog is proof of that– I write 99.9% of these posts around midnight).

2 thoughts on “Coffee, Messenger Bags, Linux, and the School Schedule…

  1. I want to apologize early for my almost certain use of profanity while I attempt to voice my feelings about having AP English first period…

    FUCK THAT! I’m going to be asleep for most of English, and therefore, I’m likely going to fail, crushing my dreams of becoming an English major in college, and rendering my hope of getting a decent score on the AP test almost impossible. Fuck AP English first period.

    That is all.

  2. AHHH! The whole week huh? That’s too bad. 😦 Golly! Well, desperate times call for desperate measures…Cnet and Engadget!!!

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