Morning Shuffle.

Waking up after four-hours of sleep: Shitty.
Going to work at 7 A.M. during the Summer: Insane.
Buying stuff for College super-early: Priceless.

Today felt like a really bad re-run of Tuesday. I went to work early, zombie-walked through most of my shift, and clocked out as soon as I possibly could. I’m not sure that I actually accomplished much of anything toward the end of my eight-hour shift, but that doesn’t really worry me. After tomorrow, I start a two-week vacation away from work. After my vacation, I go back to being a part-time employee because of school. Another thing that reassures me that my job is safe is my increased experience in comparison to most of my coworkers. I will have worked at Sears for one year in October, and most of my coworkers were hired near the beginning of the summer. Saying I have an edge as far as experience goes would be an understatement. We’re about to dive into another Christmas season in retail, and I’m one of the few veterans left from last year’s Black Friday. We need Black Friday veterans. These newbs won’t know what hit them when they come into the store to open at 4 in the morning.

To prevent myself from continuing that rant, I’ll move on to the rest of the days events: nothing. After work, I bought this and a black pair of dress pants for $30 (a pretty slammin’ deal, I must say). I stopped by the gas station and picked up a Monster M-80, drove home, took a shower, and watched TV. I’m starting to feel incredibly lazy. I need to go run a few miles and lift weights again before I become an overweight blob of goo. Perhaps I’ll go for a run tomorrow after work…

I also need to start my AP summer reading/homework ASAP. I don’t want to leave it until the last week before school starts and scramble to finish it. I need to avoid procrastination at all costs this year, and starting the school year off by procrastinating to finish the summer reading assignment isn’t a good idea. After my run tomorrow, I’ll dig into that AP summer homework.

That’s all for today. Remember to check the blog daily for new posts. Thank you for reading the blog, and leaving your comments. I want to thank all of you today especially for breaking the record for most page views in a single day on this website. Today, the blog reached 82 page views! Thank you guys so much for checking out my blog. 😀

– Will

P.S. I love you guys. 🙂