the twentyeleven project.

Over the past few days, I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to do after this blog ends. I don’t want to stop blogging, but I also don’t want to continue to blog daily. Initially, I figured I would write another solo blog detailing the events of my senior year. Then, I remembered that WordPress has a multiple author feature that allows multiple people to post on the same blog. After that, my brain went insane with ideas. The final outcome from these ideas is: the twentyeleven project.

Basically, the twentyeleven project will cover the entire senior year experience. Initially, the blog will start with seven bloggers. We’ll have two juniors, three seniors, and two college freshmen bloggin’ it up. This way the “senior experience” will be covered before, during, and after.

With that being said, each of the seven bloggers is free to post whatever they would like to, whenever they would like to. I plan to have a small group of people who post on a set-schedule and others who post at least once a week. As time progresses, (hopefully) more people will join up and the project will expand. The project is scheduled to start on August 26th (the first day of school). There are still a few kinks to work out in the meantime, and the entire crew may not be compiled by launch day. I may also have to modify my blogger preferences if I can’t find any college freshmen who would be willing to join this project.

I plan to keep this project going until at least the last day of school, or graduation night. If things are going well and all of the bloggers involved wish to continue, then it will be extended indefinitely. (I need to get things started first though so I don’t get too far ahead of myself.)

With at least seven people blogging, there should be more than enough diverse content to  keep everyone satisfied. If our plans our executed properly, this thing could be huge.

I’m so excited for it to start that it’s not even funny. Unfortunately, two weeks of vacation lie in the way before I can schedule a meeting with the currently assembled crew, so it will be a while before the project begins to take shape. But once it does, it should be sweet.

That’s it for today. Leave me a comment telling me what you think about the project. What would you like to see in a blog like this? Would you be interested in reading it? Would you like to join the team? Let me know in the comment box below. Thanks for reading.

– Will