Vacation: Day #1

Today, I am officially on vacation. No work for two weeks. Fourteen-days away from annoying customers, clogged fitting rooms, wrecked tables, stressed managers, and the clogged stockroom. Thank God.

To celebrate this freedom from work, I did what every other idiot on vacation does: I went shopping at Sears.

I know. It’s really odd to go shopping at a place you just finished an 38-hour week at, but I was looking at stuff on the side of the store I don’t work on. My dad and I checked out tools, DSLR cameras, microwaves, and LCD TVs while my mom was shopping at Target. We then met my grandma at her hotel (she is in town for my great aunt’s funeral). We talked for a while in the hotel room, and then went to see my other relatives at my great aunt’s house. It was extremely awkward because I didn’t know anyone in the room, and there was no place to sit. I stood for a while, then sat on the floor. The tiny living room was crowded with fifteen people, and the conversation drifted awkwardly. I think I said three words the entire time we were inside the house, which seemed like an eternity. When we finally left, it was an amazing relief. The atmosphere within the tiny living room was depressing, awkward, and cramped. We dropped grandma off back at her hotel and went home. Now, I’m trying to fall asleep but failing epically. I have to get up early tomorrow for the funeral, so I need to get to sleep ASAP. Look for another post tomorrow.

– Will

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