The Funeral.

Today, the funeral services for my Great Aunt Syble were held in Billings (the burial services will take place tomorrow, in Butte). Before she died, my aunt planned out her entire funeral. Along with her sons and her grandson, she also chose my dad and me to be her pallbearers. This is the second time I’ve been chosen to be a pallbearer, a duty that is considered to be very honorary.

The funeral was an amazing tribute to my aunt’s life. I learned a lot of things about her from her life sketch that I never knew before. She served in the Air Force. She worked at Sears when she was younger. She lived in Mississippi, California, Germany, and other places at various points in her life. I’m disappointed that I didn’t get to know her better before she died, especially after learning so many new things about her life.

I feel that it is appropriate to end this post here. Look for a new post tomorrow.

– Will