Now in: Fairmont.

Today we buried my Great Aunt Syble in Butte, right next to my “Grand” (he didn’t think great was good enough) Uncle Harold (it was the second time in less than a month that I’ve visited the O’Neill family gravesite).  We woke up early and left for Butte at around 9:30 in the morning so we would arrive at around 12:30 P.M. The burial ceremony was scheduled to start at 1:00 P.M. My dad and I were both pallbearers at the funeral, so it was imperative that we arrived on time. We managed to arrive at the gravesite before 1:00 P.M., but all of the other pallbearers and assorted family members were already amassed. My dad and I quickly shuffled to the hearse because it felt like we were ridiculously late; everyone was there and waiting for us to arrive so that the burial could begin. After we brought her casket over to the plot, the military honors corps began their portion of the service. Before her funeral, I had no clue that she had served in the Air Force. I also learned that she worked at Sears earlier in her life (my Aunt Elaine also worked at Sears… I’m the third generation of Sears employees in my family. Creepy.). I’m disappointed that I didn’t get to know her very well before she died, but I’m also glad that she is no longer suffering. She was battling cancer for several months before her death, and knowing that she would probably die soon, she planned out her entire funeral service in advance. She had a very straightforward attitude toward life, and she knew that her condition was deteriorating. She was 72 years old.

After the funeral, we had lunch at a local pizza restaurant. It was another awkward affair as I didn’t know many of the other people there, but it wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. After lunch, we met up with my Grandma Helen (on my mom’s side of the family; my great aunt who died was on my dad’s side of the family) and went shopping. I forgot my camera at home, so I bought a new one from Kmart. It’s a GE A1255 camera. It’s got 5x optical zoom, and your basic point ‘n’ shoot features. It’s a nice little camera, but I didn’t get quite the deal on it as I did on with my Kodak C180. It cost $79.99 (in comparison, the C180 only cost around $20; I’m still disappointed that it’s broken though) with my employee discount. My employee discount only knocked 90 cents off the total cost of the camera and a 2 GB SD card– and I only got the discount for the SD card. I’m a little miffed that my employee discount doesn’t help with purchases at a store that’s apart of the holdings company I work for, but I can’t really do anything about it. There wasn’t a Sears store in Butte that sells cameras, so I was stuck with either purchasing from Kmart or Wal*Mart. I figured my discount would help out more, so I chose Kmart. We ended up going to Wal*Mart to pick up some snacks for the hotel room later though, so I quickly glanced at their cameras. They had similar cameras listed at the same price, so I don’t feel as screwed as I did earlier, but I’m still not pleased. On the bright side, this camera has a better zoom and a higher-resolution then the Kodak C180, so it’s a slight upgrade. It’s roughly the same size too. I’ll have to test it’s picture-quality later this week when we go on our hike to Upper Seymour Lake or Lake Mystic. Here’s a shot I took of the pond outside our hotel room:

When we arrived at the hotel, the power was out. Fortunately, the emergency lighting system and the electronic locks were still working, so we were able to make it up to our room without much difficulty. The power was restored twenty-minutes after we arrived in our room. We were all exhausted from the early morning wake-up call and the events of the day, so we lazed around the room for the rest of the night. After a few hours of resting, I woke up and watched TV for a little while. My parents were ready to sleep then and I wasn’t, so I grabbed my laptop and my phone and headed into the bathroom. I’ve been surfing the web, texting, and blogging since before 10:00 P.M. It’s now 1:06 A.M.

I’m going to go to bed now so I don’t repeat the ugly awakening I had today (I went to bed at 4:00 A.M.). I’ve been working on a booklet for the twentyeleven project. I’m planning a small presentation for all of the bloggers interested in the project, so I decided to make an informational booklet to go with the presentation. I’m also checking out big whiteboards too. If I manage to get everything pulled together, this could be one sick brainstorming session. I have to decide where to do the meeting-shindig at next… It’ll probably take place at one of the local coffeeshops. Off the Leaf has a few conference rooms that people can rent, but that might be too expensive. I’ll have to look into that.

That’s all for today. Remember to leave your comments, questions, etc. below. Thanks again for reading, and have a great day.

– Will