Kick back, relax, and enjoy the boredom.

You know what’s better then sitting in a hotel room for 75% of the day while your on vacation?

If you said, “Basically everything,” you’re correct!

Today sucked. As much as I enjoy sitting on my ass at home, sitting on my ass on vacation is even less enjoyable. We planned to go swimming at the pool earlier in the day, but the weather wasn’t being cooperative. It was too cold and windy too swim, so we decided to relax inside the hotel room for the day. Later in the evening, some of my parents friends came to the hotel and we all went to dinner in Anaconda. Inside the restaurant, there was a makeshift arcade with a Foosball table. We played a couple of games on the shoddily-built table (I suck at foosball), ate our meal, and then went back to the hotel. We then went down to the pool and swam around for a few hours. The pool was pleasantly empty when we arrived. After swimming, we went back up to the hotel room and it was time for bed.

Day over.

I did manage to take a few pictures while I was trapped… err, I mean relaxing in the hotel room. I tested out the panorama mode too. Check ’em out.

The panorama mode creates a subtle fish-eye effect.

Sunny skies… windy & cool weather.

That’s it for today. Look for a new post tomorrow. Remember to leave your comments, questions, feedback, etc. Thanks for reading!

– Will