HuffPost Blog Guide: Initial Reactions

I recently purchased The Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging from, hoping that it would give me a few tips on the finer side of blogging.  I haven’t finished the book yet, but I’ve plowed through most of the beginning and it’s already left me with a lot to talk about.

First of all, this book has a definite bias toward liberal-views. It’s fraught with unnecessary political commentary. I realize that this shouldn’t be that surprising as The Huffington Post website is described on Wikipedia as a ” liberal/progressive American news website and aggregated blog”. Yet, after reading that description of the website behind the book, the book still seems excessively political. It’s a guide to blogging, not a guide to blogging about politics and “the Bush years”.

I would not describe my political views as conservative, nor would I describe them as liberal. However, after reading a mere 28-pages of this book, I feel incredibly conservative. The book begins with an introduction where the author describes setting up an anti-NRA website– which immediately sent me into an uproar as I happily own and use several guns for recreational purposes. However, this seemed to be a random occurrence, so I let it slide. I was still in the introduction anyway, so the rest of the book could be different… right?

Wrong. The book discusses the removal of a Republican Senate Majority leader (he was a sleazebag), some negative-references to “the Bush-Cheney years”, how the Republicans used the internet in 2004, how the Obama campaign used the internet in 2008, and still others. I bought this book expecting to get some tips on blogging! Leave the politics where they belong– on your own damned website!

Despite this, the book has managed to suggest a few helpful tips with a side of humor. If the political side-comments aren’t so frustratingly reoccurring, I might enjoy this book.

Another random quirk of this book is its use of the word “she” when talking in the third person. It caught me off guard a bit at first, as I’m usually used to seeing “he” in these situations. Looking back on it, it’s kind of ridiculous to go to that effort to emphasize a side agenda. I believe women deserve equal rights with men, but seriously? IT’S A BOOK ON BLOGGING– QUIT PUSHING AN AGENDA! GAH!

The fact that they used “she” instead of “he” when making third-person references does not bother me. What does bother me is that they’re pushing an agenda that ultimately has no place in a book that’s advertised as a guide to blogging. I want tips about blogging; do your part as a writer and leave your bias at the door. This isn’t an opinion column or a blog– it’s a guide to blogging. Get it right.

I’m going to continue reading this book, even though it manages to frustrate me endlessly. Blerg.


A summer-reading reminder postcard came in the mail while we were away on vacation. I still need to start my assignment… I don’t think it’s that difficult, but I might start tomorrow. I still need to pack for the road trip to Seattle (we leave on Sunday) and buy a few random things (camera batteries, car stuff, etc.). I’m excited for the trip. It’s crazy to think that it’s already here, and that six days after I get home I’ll be going back to school.

Back to school… damn. I actually have to start going to sleep at a decent hour instead of the usual 2:00 A.M. time. I’ll also have to get up at around 6:00 A.M for school. That’s a scary thought.

Well, I’m gonna get going. Happy Friday the 13th.

– Will