HuffPost Blog Guide: Initial Reactions

I recently purchased The Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging from, hoping that it would give me a few tips on the finer side of blogging.  I haven’t finished the book yet, but I’ve plowed through most of the beginning and it’s already left me with a lot to talk about.

First of all, this book has a definite bias toward liberal-views. It’s fraught with unnecessary political commentary. I realize that this shouldn’t be that surprising as The Huffington Post website is described on Wikipedia as a ” liberal/progressive American news website and aggregated blog”. Yet, after reading that description of the website behind the book, the book still seems excessively political. It’s a guide to blogging, not a guide to blogging about politics and “the Bush years”.

I would not describe my political views as conservative, nor would I describe them as liberal. However, after reading a mere 28-pages of this book, I feel incredibly conservative. The book begins with an introduction where the author describes setting up an anti-NRA website– which immediately sent me into an uproar as I happily own and use several guns for recreational purposes. However, this seemed to be a random occurrence, so I let it slide. I was still in the introduction anyway, so the rest of the book could be different… right?

Wrong. The book discusses the removal of a Republican Senate Majority leader (he was a sleazebag), some negative-references to “the Bush-Cheney years”, how the Republicans used the internet in 2004, how the Obama campaign used the internet in 2008, and still others. I bought this book expecting to get some tips on blogging! Leave the politics where they belong– on your own damned website!

Despite this, the book has managed to suggest a few helpful tips with a side of humor. If the political side-comments aren’t so frustratingly reoccurring, I might enjoy this book.

Another random quirk of this book is its use of the word “she” when talking in the third person. It caught me off guard a bit at first, as I’m usually used to seeing “he” in these situations. Looking back on it, it’s kind of ridiculous to go to that effort to emphasize a side agenda. I believe women deserve equal rights with men, but seriously? IT’S A BOOK ON BLOGGING– QUIT PUSHING AN AGENDA! GAH!

The fact that they used “she” instead of “he” when making third-person references does not bother me. What does bother me is that they’re pushing an agenda that ultimately has no place in a book that’s advertised as a guide to blogging. I want tips about blogging; do your part as a writer and leave your bias at the door. This isn’t an opinion column or a blog– it’s a guide to blogging. Get it right.

I’m going to continue reading this book, even though it manages to frustrate me endlessly. Blerg.


A summer-reading reminder postcard came in the mail while we were away on vacation. I still need to start my assignment… I don’t think it’s that difficult, but I might start tomorrow. I still need to pack for the road trip to Seattle (we leave on Sunday) and buy a few random things (camera batteries, car stuff, etc.). I’m excited for the trip. It’s crazy to think that it’s already here, and that six days after I get home I’ll be going back to school.

Back to school… damn. I actually have to start going to sleep at a decent hour instead of the usual 2:00 A.M. time. I’ll also have to get up at around 6:00 A.M for school. That’s a scary thought.

Well, I’m gonna get going. Happy Friday the 13th.

– Will

3 thoughts on “HuffPost Blog Guide: Initial Reactions

    1. I feel great about my blog. I’ve managed to post updates for every day of the summer (however, I haven’t always been able to post daily). I have lots of pictures, a few podcasts, and a ton of entries about this summer. I can definitely say it has been a worthwhile project.

      With that being said, it hasn’t been an easy project. Updating daily can be incredibly difficult. Trying to find topics to write about that are interesting and insightful on a daily basis is a tremendous challenge. Because of this, I’ve decided to change the formula for my next blog. But that’s another story for a different post…

      Thank you for commenting. If you don’t mind me asking, how did you find the site?

      – Will

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