Road Trip: Missoula

Today is the first day of the six-day road trip. We began in Billings, and I drove three-hours straight to Butte, MT. We stopped in Butte for gas and other essentials, then went back on the highway. My dad drove the rest of the way to Missoula. When we arrived in Missoula, it was in the early evening, around six o’clock. We planned out most of the trip last week, so we didn’t schedule any hotel reservations ahead of time. We drove around Missoula in search of a place to sleep for a little while, and then checked-in at a local chain-hotel.

After we settled into the hotel room, we decided that it would be best to reserve our hotel rooms ahead of time for the rest of the trip (assuming we could). We reserved our rooms for tomorrow and Tuesday, and decided to wing the rest of the trip. We’re going to Silverwood tomorrow, and Seattle on Tuesday.

We changed our plans a bit so that we would definitely arrive in Billings by Friday night. I’m planning on doing a presentation for the twentyeleven project on Saturday (in the morning and the evening), so it’s imperative that I get back to Billings on Friday. We’ll also have more time to check out Seattle and the coast because of a few minor changes. Life is good.

After making reservations and slightly altering some trip plans, we decided to hike up to the M. It’s a fairly steep and zig-zagging trail, but also very rewarding. You can see the whole city from the trail’s high points, and I was able to take a few nice pictures of Missoula.

So that’s it. I have an early start tomorrow, so I’m going to go to bed now. More posts soon…. stay tuned.

– Will

P.S. Thanks for reading! 🙂