Fall Update:

Hey Everyone,

I would like to start this post off by recognizing that I have noted in past writings on this blog that once August 26th came around, I wouldn’t be posting anything new on here. I know I said that back then, but we live in the present and by the time I click the publish button this post will already be in the past. So if you’re irritated, confused, or surprised about a new post being on here, just deal with it.

Moving along, let’s get to the reasons why I felt compelled to plod out another post on this blog instead of the shinier, newer twentyeleven project blog:

Reason #1: I feel like the twentyeleven blog is more of a group blog than a personal blog. While I’ve posted “personal” stuff on there in the past, I’ve always felt that it’s never received much of a response from the readers. The twentyeleven project is (and always will be… I think) “my baby”, but I also realize that I’m not the only person posting on there. Some content is just meant to go on an individual blog and other content is great for the group blog– that’s just how it is.

(I also feel that the people who come to this blog are more likely to be interested in my more personal posts than they would on the twentyeleven blog because this is my blog. People come here to read what I write. The twentyeleven audience is slightly broader and generally seems to like short, humorous posts than long-winded rants about the triviality of life.)

Reason #2: I feel like my last post left the reader stuck on a cliffhanger, and I tried to sell the twentyeleven project as some sort of half-assed sequel to appease the loyal readers. That’s not what the twentyeleven project is. The twentyeleven project is totally different and unique in many ways. I would even say that it’s better because it has different viewpoints on life and different authors who write unique content. I’m not trying to sell the twentyeleven project to you here either– I’m just trying to say that it’s more than it might have been initially perceived as.

Also, because I feel like I left you guys stuck on a cliffhanger, I felt it was important to fill in some holes and also update you on what I’m doing now.

Reason #3: I wanted to write the post to let you know that this blog is not dead yet. I know that it’s called The Final Summer and that I originally planned to only blog during the 2010 summer, but plans change. I plan to continue blogging on here next summer (before college) and perhaps even during the school year. I’m still going to be involved with twentyeleven though, so we’ll have to wait and see how everything pans out…


So, now that you know why I’m writing this post on here instead of the twentyeleven blog, let’s get to the post:


November is nearly over. Thanksgiving is next week, and Christmas is creeping around the corner. I’ve been listening to Christmas music for two-weeks straight, and I’m nearly ready to rip my hair out the next time I hear two different versions of the same Christmas song in a row (there’s nothing quite like jazzy Jingle Bells followed by an instrumental-only Jingle Bells followed by the traditional, classic-version of Jingle Bells… I swear, listening to excessive amounts of bad Christmas music breeds serial killers).

Black Friday is also next week. I’m closing AND working a 10+ hour shift. Friday is going to be one shitty day.

School is going OK. Having an early-out is awesome and terrible at the same time. While getting out an hour early is nice for multiple reasons, I find myself increasingly less motivated to do much of anything. It’s difficult to motivate myself to do homework, and I often leave my backpack in my car and just finish up my work in other classes.

It’s definitely senioritis, but is this as bad as it gets, or will I become even more unmotivated? Honestly, I’m not sure if that’s possible. My priorities in life seem to revolve around hanging out with friends, girls, satellite TV, the twentyeleven project, and applying to colleges– but even applying to colleges has become tiresome.

College applications are pretty easy, but they are something you have to sit down and commit yourself to finish. You also have to turn them in on certain deadlines, and some call for turning in test scores and transcripts, which requires more clicking and phone calls. It really isn’t that hard, but when all you want to do is absolutely nothing, it seems hellishly difficult.

And that’s just it– I honestly have little desire to do anything. I look forward to sleep because my bed is comfy and I always feel tired. I look forward to the weekend because I’m glad to be out of school. I know that I should be doing my homework, filling out college apps, and studying more, but it doesn’t seem to matter. Not a lot seems to matter these days, though. It feels like I’m just passing time until next year. I attribute this to my strong desire to be “independent” and my brain feeling largely unchallenged. To execute this point, I go to exhibit A: my college essay for AP English. I spent very little time on my essay and still managed to pull out a 90%. I will say that blogging definitely helped me prepare for such a feat, and writing about the mundane (something we were encouraged to do) seemed almost like second-nature. I’m still shocked that I managed to do so well with such little effort, but I guess writing all summer actually paid off for something in the end (…and you thought blogging was pointless…. Pshhhhhhhhhhhh).

Aside from school, the weather has turned to poo which means that I won’t be driving to school anymore. My mom has to drive the Focus now because her car doesn’t handle well in the snow (convertible + snow = fail). So now I have to ride the bus in the mornings and probably ride the bus back in the afternoon. The benefits of having an early-out now turn into mostly negatives, as I’ll be sitting around at West for over an hour waiting for the bus to show up. I’ll spend another 40 minutes on the bus during the ride home. Hopefully I’ll manage to work out some sort of a deal with someone who would be willing to drive me home in the afternoons, but for now it looks like I’m going to be the big kid on the Twinkie again… and I’m not looking forward to it. Aside from feeling like a total loser because I’m a senior riding the bus, I’ll also lose my extra half-hour of sleep and arrive at West a half an hour early. I’ll also have to deal with annoying underclassmen and spine-altering bumpy bus rides.

The only bright side of being on the bus is that I’ll be able to talk to Kristin again. We haven’t talked much since this summer and it’ll be nice to catch up. I’ll also probably have some nice bonding time with my iTouch during the chilly morning rides.

I look forward to the Spring– when I can drive again.

Until the next post,

– Will

P.S. I’ll eventually fill in all the holes from my vacation this summer… Eventually. For now you’ll just have to wait.