What’s up everybody? Long time, no see (or post, rather). To avoid the awkward silence that usually ensues between old friends who haven’t spoken in a year or so, I’m just going to plunge straight into the news I have for you guys. So here it is: The Final Summer will be back with new posts everyday this summer, officially starting on May 5th, 2012.

To answer a few questions that you probably have after reading that sentence:

  • Don’t you have another blog? Why are you going back to this one? It’s simple– this is a summer-long project that is 100% isolated to the summer season. It forces me to write everyday, which in turn keeps my writing in pristine condition. My other “current” blog, the wco show, is more of a casual thing.
  • You’re really committing to a daily blog again? Didn’t that turn out poorly last time? While I will be the first to admit that things weren’t exactly “perfect” the last time I committed to a post-a-day blogging venture, I do think the challenge of writing a post everyday is exciting. Plus, it provides me with extra incentive to do something interesting everyday.
  • You have other summer projects already lined up, right? Aren’t you stretching yourself a bit thin? Writing a post for this blog takes maybe 15-30 minutes at the most, and I usually do it at the end of the day. It shouldn’t interfere with my other projects (if I manage my time wisely).
  • I thought this blog was supposed to be “over”– that’s why it’s called The Final Summer, isn’t it? Why are you choosing to revive this “dead” blog now? Yes, that is why this blog was originally titled The Final Summer. It was supposed to capture that last summer before I entered what I believed to be the “real world.” Continuing to make new posts on here isn’t going to change that– in fact, I would say it probably enhances the meaning of the title. The Final Summer is now taking on a greater meaning– it symbolizes an urgency to seize the day. Because who knows– each day you take for granted could be your last. That’s why I’m choosing to revive this blog; posting on here daily will serve as a reminder that each day should be lived to its fullest.
  • Since you’re reviving this blog, will the twentyeleven project ever come back? Hmm… that’s a tough one. At this point, I don’t see the twentyeleven project ever making a full return– a “full return” meaning that all of the original authors come back and start writing posts together again. There may be a point where a few of the authors come back to make a few posts on the blog, or maybe a complete overhaul of the site with new authors, but I don’t really see that happening anytime soon. For now, you can consider the twentyeleven project as a happily “dead” blog, with no potential revival coming up in the foreseeable future.
  • Will anyone be joining you on this time around? The Final Summer is kind of personal project… I feel like adding anyone else to it would ruin the experience. I wouldn’t be against joining a group blogging project this summer though… (*hint*) But we’ll see if that happens.

I’m looking forward to sharing another summer with you guys. Hopefully, it will be much more exciting than our last trip around. Stay tuned, and I’ll see you in a few weeks.

– Will